Nov 232015

Bill_20Menchen_20-_20Blues_20Metal_20Trance_300w_ede If I were to list off all the projects Bill Menchen has done, then it would be a long one. Bill is a prolific guitarist and songwriter who is best known for Redeemer, Titanic and The Seventh Power. His more recent solo releases were ‘Red Rock’ (2008) and ‘In The Light’ (2011).

He was signed to Roxx Records for the release of his upcoming solo album, ‘Blues Metal Trance 1.5’. It is an all instrumental album featuring guitar licks, melodies, ballads and rockers. As the title suggests it is a fusion of Blues, Metal and Trance which makes for a unique album from one of the best hard rock guitarists in the christian hard rock scene. If you like the noodling of Joe Satriani, then this will appeal to you.

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Sep 222015

Bill MenchenRoxx Records is very excited to announce that we have signed Bill Menchen to release his upcoming solo album. This Fall the master axe man behind some of the most classic and influential Christian Metal albums of all time including Final Axe, Titanic, Seventh Power and many more will be releasing his first ever solo album. It will be an all instrumental album entitled “Blues Metal Trance 1.5” and it is set to feature tons of awesome guitar licks, melodies, ballads and rockers alike. So get ready as your ears are about to embark on a wonderful journey that will rock you from your head to your soul! This Holiday season “Blues Metal Trance 1.5” is sure to be on the top of every Christian Rockers Christmas wish list!

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