Jul 162014

Bloodline Severed MoS 2014Metal/Djent band Bloodline Severed from Winston Salem NC. has released a new single from the forthcoming album which will be released in 2014. The song ‘Man of Sorrows’ is available for streaming in the soundcloud player below.

The bands latest album“Letters to Decapolis” has been released March 2012 via Red Cord Records. The album to date has recieved raving reviews and continues to climb the charts while recieving internet and regular radio play across the globe. Our review for “Letters to Decapolis” can be found here. Continue reading »

Nov 042013

Bloodline Severed_logoMetal/Djent band Bloodline Severed from Winston Salem NC. has released a music video for ‘Lead Us Into Battle’.The song comes off their latest album “Letters to Decapolis” which was released on March 2012. The video can be seen below.

Bloodline Severed also launched a crowdfund campaign on GoFundMe. The band has the following to say:

‘We need your help so we can get the music and the message out to all who would like to hear it! We plan to allow free digital download. All hard copies will be sold at a below the cost price. The recording, Mixing and mastering will predominately be funded by the band with little to no revenue coming from sales. This is where you come in. If you believe in Bloodline Severed and our ministry, we would love your support!’ More information can be find here. Continue reading »

Aug 262013

Open The EyeCheck out Open the Eye‘s lyric video for ‘Kingdom Age’. This is the last installment before the actual music video is released. This is a project from Aaron Macemore he is also a guitarist for Bloodline Severed – a Christian deathcore band currently signed to Red Cord Records.

Open the Eye employs music and film to reveal the powers behind the “All Seeing Eye.” Using the abilities given to share my fears of corrupt forms of control. Ranging from rule of law, media, politics or religion. Continue reading »

Bloodline Severed – Letters To Decapolis

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Jan 122013

CoverBloodline Severed is a six-piece band from Winston Salem (North Carolina, US). Even though they formed in 2003, in their current line-up they have only been together for a couple of months. In 2006 they released an EP (‘Fear of Reality’) and in 2008 they released their first full length (‘Visions Revealed’). ‘Letters To Decapolis’ is their third release.

Bloodline Severed claim to be a band playing a combination of djent and metal. But they are so much more. Yes, they use downtuned eight strings and staccato riffs but I definitely do not want to compare this band with the majority of djent acts out there. Bloodline Severed combine many elements of extreme metal including (melodic) death metal, metalcore and even a bit of power metal. Continue reading »

Interview With ‘Bloodline Severed’

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Jan 112013

3540262971_logoBloodline Severed are a 6 piece Metal/Djent band. They have been together for a few years but have only been with this line-up for a couple of months. Last year they have released a new album Letters to Decapolis and a very cool music video for the song El Gibbor [Mighty God], which can be seen below. Lets have a chat with bass player David and the other Bloodline Severed members:

TMR: Hello to you from ‘The Metal Resource’ Holland, how are things going there in Winston Salem?

David – Hey guys and thanks for allowing us the opportunity for the interview. Things are great! The Band is still growing and changing into its own with nothing but positive’s for the future!

TMR: Will you introduce yourself and the current line-up please [name and instrument] Continue reading »