Jun 012019

We received the following message from Bloodline Severed guitarist Aaron Macemore, he writes

We’ve been quite for the last couple of years, but a few of us have formed a side project called Screams in Silence with former The Ascendicate (Solid State) vocalist.

The first single from their forthcoming EP is released last thursday (May 30}. Continue reading »

Jul 132018

Vials of Wrath, the Christian-based black/ambient metal solo project of Dempsey “DC” Mills have announced the release of a new album “Ataraxia” EP will be released on August 21th.  Nearly 20 minutes of all new music, featuring 2 full length songs and a short instrumental. Available on limited edition CD and digitally. For fans of Alcest, Deafheaven and Drudkh. A teaser can be streamed below.

Pre-orders will be available soon… Please share and spread the word! Two new full songs and a short instrumental in the vein of ‘A Cleansing Prayer’ from “Days Without Names.”

DC is a former rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist for Christian deathcore band Bloodline Severed. Continue reading »

Bloodline Severed – “Process of Progression”

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Dec 202017

Bloodline Severed delivers triumphant metalcore in “Process of Progression”, their third full-length studio album released on 18 April 2017. They’ve been described as a progressive melodic death metal djent band, and while I struggled to imagine how all of these elements would come together, I walked away impressed by their brand of warfare worship.This is an independent release, produced by Derek Corzine (Blood Thirsty, ex-Syringe, ex-Bloodline Severed).

First off, I am drawn to the strong vocals. I admire a vocalist who can growl like a beast, but also sing a beautiful melody. Corey Weaver does both, without effort. Then it’s the beat. Did it move me? Yes! My fist pumped the air (in an office, with colleagues around). The first track, “Exousia”, is a strong opener and had me craving more. The crisp machine gun kick in “Fire” didn’t disappoint, and the guitars in “Legion” provided an all-round satisfying chug. Continue reading »

Apr 192017

Metal/Djent band Bloodline Severed has returned with a brand new album “Process of Progression” which is the follow-up to 2012’s “Letters to Decapolis”. The album is engineered/recorded/mixed/mastered by Derek Corzine (Blood Thirsty / Whisper from Heaven) at Corzine Studio  Artwork (below) is created by DC Mills (Vials of Wrath / ex Bloodline Severed) with Unblind Design. The new album is available for streaming and/or download from bandcamp.

Bloodline Severed is currently a 6 piece melodic deathcore band. With an unrelenting passion for music, people, and their faith in God, they have endured several line-up changes over their years of existence, but continue to persevere in developing a steady nationwide fanbase. Continue reading »

Mar 112016

Bloodline Severed MoS 2014Metal/Djent band Bloodline Severed has relentlessly been writing and recording a new album. The teaser below is just a taste of the beautiful brutality that is ensuing in the Bloodline Severed camp.

The bands latest album“Letters to Decapolis” has been released March 2012 via Red Cord Records. The album to date has recieved raving reviews and continues to climb the charts while recieving internet and regular radio play across the globe. Our review of “Letters to Decapolis” can be found here. Continue reading »