Dec 102013

Les CarlsenLast weekend was the annual Christmas Rock Night in Germany, with headliner, legendary Christian hard rock band Bloodgood (USA). In the past Bloodgood played many times in Germany, the last time was on ‘Legends of Rock’ in Sept. 2008. Fan-filmed footage of the ‘plugged’ show [friday Dec. 6] can be seen below.

“Dangerously Close” has been released on November 29th, exclusively through their website & on December 5th. by Swedish’s Doo Little Group AB , the label which is runned by Christian Liljegren [DivineFire, Audiovision, Golden Resurrection & ex Narnia]. The album has been mastered by David Zaffiro [seven-time Dove Award recipient and Grammy nominee] and founding Bloodgood guitarist. Continue reading »

Bloodgood – “Dangerously Close”

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Dec 042013

dangerously close 2013So its been 22 years since Bloodgood have brought out an album. Now all admitting they were way before my time to musically appreciate them at their peak. But over the years as I have collected their releases and allowed their music to wash over me, I have really and truly come to appreciate their music. Haha, Still, I remember ordering an album of theirs at my local Christian bookstore a couple years back, which never arrived….still waiting.

So in all fairness this is a comeback release. They were part of a group of metal acts of the 80‘s like Petra, White Cross and Stryper that pushed the quality and upheld the Christian metal banner high during that period. They were dependable for both their message and music. They were also known for their “go-for-broke attitude about showmanship,” displaying attitudes and imagery that brought them into collision with some on the extreme Christian right.

So 22 years down the line Bloodgood’s mission and music remains intact without deviation. They have more than contributed enough blood and sweat to the stepping stones and driving force of the Christian Metal scene since 1986. There is no doubt that their music holds a stylistic pillar in rock music history. You don’t survive almost 30 years in the music industry without having some sort of influence and reach in it. Bloodgood’s history spans 6 studio albums and 7 official live releases, with their 7th studio recording that was released in November. In 2010, Bloodgood was inducted into the CHRISTIAN MUSIC HALL OF FAME for their influential contributions to the music industry thus far. “In the Trenches of Rock and Roll,” a feature length documentary film about Bloodgood’s story is slated for release in 2014. Continue reading »

Nov 192013

Bloodgood.2013Great comeback album from US Christian Metal icons after 22 years since their last studio album. Together with Stryper, Whitecross , Barren Cross, Bride and Petra they raised the banner for Christian Metal in the 80´s. Still they have the fire passion to deliver heavenly metal to the people! Featuring Oz Fox of Stryper!

“After weeks of anticipation, “Dangerously Close”, is finally mixed and mastered and the band is very excited about the results. The CD is being manufactured and packaged for release and will soon be shipping to Bloodgood fans around the globe. Kickstarter supporters will be the very first to rock out to the new release when the download codes for the digital version are emailed out next week”.  Continue reading »

Oct 252013

Bloodgood.2013Christian Liljegren from Doolittle Group [ReinXeed, Benesser, Lancer, Golden Resurrection, to name a few], reported the signing of a new band BloodgoodChristian has the following to say:

I am very happy to announce that DooLittle Group AB have signed with US Christian Metal Icons Bloodgood and their upcoming new album “Dangerously Close” Release date 29 November 2013 for the European and South East Asian territory! Oz Fox from Stryper is also playing with Bloodgood. Are you ready to rock!!!

“Dangerously Close” will first be released on October 31th. exclusively through their website. “Dangerously Close” is Bloodgood‘s first studio release in 22 years. Earlier this week, the band has  released the first single and music video off their upcoming album. The video for ‘Lamb of God’ can be seen below. Continue reading »

Oct 202013

Bloodgood 2013Legendary hardrock band Bloodgood has released their first music video since 1987 ‘The Messiah’. Check out the video for ‘Lamb of God‘ below, it is the first single from their upcoming album “Dangerously Close”. 

“Dangerously Close” will be released on October 31th. exclusively through their website. Mainstream distribution will be later in the fall.“Dangerously Close” is Bloodgood‘s first studio release in 22 years. Cover artwork and tracklist can also be viewed below. Continue reading »