Sep 122018

Ten 33 was an American Christian hardcore band, where they primarily play a hardcore punk style of music. They come from Richmond, Virginia. The band started making music in 2002 … The band released, a studio album, “Emergency! Emergency!,” in 2003, with Blood and Ink Records. Their subsequent album, “Nightmare on Grace St., “ was released from Blood and Ink Records, in 2005. This would be their final release, as they disbanded in July 2006.

Recently we received the following message from Ten 33 vocalist Stephen Poore:

Last year, our record label asked us to record a song, after an 11 year hiatus, for a compilation on the label. That comp was never released, so we are releasing the song and making it available for people that might be interested. I doubt many people will know who we are, but perhaps the lyrics will cause someone to be thoughtful and an advocate for their neighbors.

‘Sinking Ships’ can be streamed in the Soundcloud-player below.

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Mar 192018

Indiana’s premiere straight-edge band New Heart has returned with a new vocalist, new album, and newfound sense of purpose. After recently taking time off to regroup, the band released a stand-alone single, ‘One Less Chain,’ along with announcing their new vocalist, Hayden French. “I have wanted to be in a straight-edge band for years,” shares French, “but never have had the opportunity. Being in a band focused on positivity, belief, and social change is a privilege. I’m grateful for the opportunity and ecstatic for what we have coming up in the future.”

Hayden has given us a renewed passion for what we do and why we do it,” the band comments. “We feel like he is the absolute best fit for this band and we couldn’t be more excited for the new direction we’re headed.”

The band will release their first album with French, titled “Feel The Change,” on May 4 via Blood & Ink Records. Pre-orders, including exclusive merch packages, are on sale now. The band has also released the title track from the record, which you can listen to below. Continue reading »

Tigerwine – “Die With Your Tongue Out”

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Mar 102018

This is the debut album from the band Tigerwine, from Colorado Springs, CO. This progressive post-hardcore band combines it with the gloomy low-end of new-grunge which makes their sound very unique. In 2015 they signed at Blood & Ink Records where they released their first EP called Lull. This album released on 14th of April 2017.

The album starts with Kiku, which is the intro to the next song. It starts the album quite relaxed, but it is followed by Spit, which introduces you to their unique sound. The filthy sound of the guitars and the rhythm of the drums are a good combination with the clean vocals they use in the beginning. The moment the grunting comes in it gives that extra edge to make it fun to listen to. It doesn’t sound very messy, which you could have with a lot of post-hardcore bands. It is just messy enough to sound good. Continue reading »

Withered Bones – “In Search of Self Evidence”

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Feb 082018

Melodic Hardcore band Withered Bones has no shortage of emotion on their 2017 release “In Search of Self-Evidence.” This follow-up to the Phoenix, Arizona band’s 2015 album, “For the Ones I Love” is filled to the brim with raw screams, heavy guitars and pounding drums, while still maintaining a melodic and musical feel.

The intro track, “Suffer”, caught me by surprise. I suddenly thought I was listening to a post-rock album. The track is a perfect introduction, as the emotion is evident from the first note. You can really feel something as the intro builds, and it does a great job of catching your attention, and making sure you’re paying attention as it segways into “A Vice’s Grip”.

The most obvious trait of this track was instantly the quality of the vocal performance. Russel Ullrich left nothing at the door. The emotion is immediately apparent, and I felt myself drawn in, wanting to know what this guy cared so much about. The vocal performance is also supported by equally polished vocal production. From recording to mix and master, the vocal was made to cut through clearly, and it sounds great. The performances keep up the emotion throughout the album, and “Unmatched” is no exception. This song did a good job of flowing naturally from thoughtful and melodic, to heavy and head-banging and back again. A lot of the songs felt somewhat familiar in terms of chord progressions and melodies, but especially in “Unmatched” it’s hard to pinpoint whether that is because it’s been done before, or if it just feels right. Continue reading »

Jan 302018

Check out the official music visual for ‘The Rust In My Veins’ by Problem of Pain. Off of the band’s EP “I Will Always Want To Let Go” available from Blood & Ink Records Feb. 09.

Michigan hardcore band Problem Of Pain packs more of a punch than most bands in heavy music—and they do so with only two members. Composed of Garrett Finchand Jake Beaver, the two have been making music and playing shows for just over a year now. But don’t let their youth—or size—fool you: Problem Of Pain is here for a purpose. Continue reading »