Sep 222019

Roxx Records is very excited to announce full details on all of our latest vinyl offerings and officially launch the pre orders! Brand new and VERY limited vinyl pressings from Ultimatum , East West and BioGenesis are now live!

Up first the very first full length release from Ultimatum “Symphonic Extremities” has been remastered and given a very special limited vinyl release. “Symphonic Extremities” will be released in a limited quantity of only 300 pieces! 250 on a special black vinyl and 50 extremely limited puke green vinyls are being produced for this release. Pre orders will also come with a copy of the Retroactive Records CD release of “Symphonic Extemities”

Not enough Ultimatum for you? Roxx Records is partnering on a one time limited CD release with our friends at Stone Grove Records to bring you a special pressing of 300 copies only of the very rare ‘Live Extremities’ This one will also be very very limited with each label only getting 150 cds each. Continue reading »

Jul 312019

Hot on the heels of the very successful charting single titled ‘Black Widow’ BioGenesis have just launched the second single from their brand new Roxx Records EP titled “Black Widow” check out the new single ‘Human Equilibrium’ and be sure to pick up your copy of “Black Widow” today.

Also stay tuned as “Black Widow” will be coming to you in a very very limited vinyl release of only 150 pieces featuring an exclusive vinyl only bonus track! Details coming soon! Continue reading »

Mar 262019

BioGenesis have just launched their second single from the Black Widow EP with an epic new video and promotional single for the title track off of their latest EP “Black Widow”.’Which has been released in Dec. via Roxx Records.

We are very excited for the world to check out this conceptual video, courtesy of Studio ’93 Films and Roxx Records. We now invite you in to the web as we unleash the world premiere video of ‘Black Widow.

Be sure and request the new single wherever they play music loud and heavy and let’s get BioGenesis the recognition they deserve with this epic and critically acclaimed EP. Continue reading »

BioGenesis – “Black Widow”

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Dec 062018

Hybrid progressive/thrash/power metal band Biogenesis returns with a Black Widow, a limited release 5 song ep, that should  hold fans until their next full length is released.

For the last 17 years, Biogenesis as a band has come and gone, testing the patience of fans, many of whom were hooked after hearing their debut The Mark Bleed Through oh so many years ago.  While some consider that album a masterpiece, the band did not have that same lineup back together for an album until 2012’s The Rise, The Fall, The Rebirth.  That didn’t last long and the band went on hiatus for while until original guitarist James Riggs cam back and the Nealeigh’s were added on  keyboard, drums and bass to fill out the band lineup for the critically acclaimed  A Decadence Divine.

Bands that incorporate progressive elements into their sound do tend to redefine terms like ep.  Black Widow by Biogenesis is a 5 song ep but clocks in around 33 minutes, which is longer than some band’s full length albums.  There will only be around 200 physical copies of the ep released so those wanting one would be advised to get their preorders in quickly.  From a content standpoint, the band was looking for a way to reach their fans while working on their next full length, a follow up to 2017’s A Decadence Divine.  After a history of adding and losing members, this lineup appears largely unchanged from their last album and from a performance standpoint, that is a good thing as the musicianship is strong with the band.  Production quality is top notch, so the band definitely didn’t rush this out, listening to it one can hear the time spent making it sound perfect. Continue reading »

Nov 232018

‘Angel’ is the first single released from the new BioGenesis EP “Black Widow”. This video is a tribute to loved ones we all have lost over the years. The video can be watched below.

After the success of “A Decadence Divine” the band decided to go right back in the studio and work on several brand new tracks while the chemistry was hot, and wait until you hear what they came up with! Continue reading »