Apr 292022

The melodic metal band Signum Regis will release their first ever live album “Made in Switzerland” on CD and digital on June 10th via Beyond the Storm Productions. The album was recorded in Wiedlisbach, Switzerland last year and was mastered by Tony Lindgren (Amorphis, Dragonforce, Powerwolf).

The band just released the first single from the album, the set closer ‘Wrath of Pharaoh’, taken from their 2013 album “Exodus”.

The video can be seen below.

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Apr 142022

Beyond the Storm Productions are happy to present “Cloudriders: Age of Cyborgs”, the new album from the French symphonic power metal band Kerion!

Kerion are finally back with their new album, led by the female vocalist Flora Spinelli! Impressive concept album that can be described as “Comics metal”, a blend between symphonic power metal and cinematic metal with electro influences! The album includes guests like Elisa C. Martin (Dark Moor, Fairyland), Raphael Dantas (Ego Absence), Vitor Veiga (Aquaria) and Phil Giordana (Fairyland). Artwork (below) by Genzoman(World of Warcraft, Marvel).

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Draconicon – “The Dark Side of Magic”

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Oct 222021

Draconicon use power metal to tell the story of the awakening of an ancient evil in their debut album Dark Side of Magic.

Draconicon is pure European power metal from Italy, influence by the sounds of bands like Kamelot, Saboton, Gloryhammer and others. The story behind the debut album is about a Dark Force awakening to rule the world. A hunger for power led mortals to summon the dark Order Draconis. The dragon pictured on the cover art is a metaphorical representation of the power and evil that has taken control over everything. The album was mixed and mastered by Marco Mastrobuono who has done a great job ensuring all instruments and vocals are clear in the mix. For the album are, the band chose a veteran of the genre, bringing in Dan Godsworthy (Alestorm, Gloryhammer).

After a short intro in “Principium Tenebris”, the band launches straight into “Fiery Rage” leading off with some great guitar leads before settling into a fast galloping rhythm led by the drums of Manuel D. Asendent. Arkanfel’s vocals are a perfect match for the genre, smooth and powerful without sounding strained throughout his impressive range. In some sense, the song reminds me a bit of Dragon Force except the song is not just a vehicle for guitar solos.

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Aug 272021

Beyond the Storm Productions are proud to announce the signing of the Italian power metal band Draconicon to the label. The band’s debut album “Dark Side of Magic” will be released on October 22nd on CD and digital.

A new project, Draconicon, was born from the minds of five musicians located throughout the Italian territory. Their intent was to make Draconicon a fully-fledged power metal project, a mix of dark and gothic atmosphere, the result of the awakening of an Ancient Evil, left forgotten for so long.
In this era, where evil, sickness, ignorance and violence have become proud leaders in the hearts of people and the human race is signing its own death sentence, they are prospering, as our true happiness lies in shadow and sorrow. Draconicon will be the silent blade that gives you the fatal blow in the Dark. An innovative concept in which chaos and madness overcome order and reason.

The sound of the Draconicon is European style power metal, inspired by the great masters of the genre with influences ranging from extreme metal to classical music, resulting in an unique timbre that will bring the listener into the dark world of Draconicon. Perfect for fans of Kamelot, Powerwolf, Sabaton, Gloryhammer, Orden Ogan and Arion!

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Signum Regis – “Flag Of Hope” EP

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Apr 142021

Symphonic power metal seems to be an ever growing genre, and certainly its aided by an ever increasing flux of great bands. Formed in 2007 Signum Regis whom are a Slovak power metal band, who main core is melodic metal with a proficiency for shredding guitar bring us their latest release, “Flag Of Hope” EP. It is an album buried in the life line of Signum Regis, as they have developed their sound over the years. The “Flag Of Hope” EP was originally released digitally only in Fall 2020, But by popular demand, this specific EP I am reviewing is now released physically as a CD. In addition to that 2 tracks are now added to the tracklist! Songs “Tune Of War” and “Amorenada” were originally released on the Addendum Primum digital EP (2017), but never on a CD and fans were asking about this physical release too.

“Amorenada” is a beautiful instrumental song by Filip Koluš and “Tune Of War” is a groovy hymnic song, now re-recorded by Jota Fortinho singing lead vocals and Mayo Petranin singing backing vocals So for fans of the band, as well as folk who are been introduced to the sound of Signum Regis this EP offers an ideal landscape of the bands style and strengths over the years.

It was in 2007 that Ronnie König founded the band Signum Regis and together with the vocalist Göran Edman they started working on a self-titled album, which was released the following year through Locomotive Records. Other information important to note is that on September 11, 2018, the band informed on their official Facebook page that the lead singer Mayo Petranin was leaving the band. João “Jota” Fortinho became the new lead singer of Signum Regis in June 2019.

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