Dec 042017

Brutal Death Metal Band Taking The Head Of Goliath (TTHOG) have checked in with the following studio update:

The mixing process of our debut record is now complete and mastering will begin on 12/5. The PAR OLOFFSON cover art is complete and absolutely incredible!!! The CD and booklet layout will begin next week as well. WE ARE SHOOTING FOR A FEBRUARY/MARCH RELEASE. Thank you all for your support and your patience. We assure you good things come to those who wait… AND THE WAIT IS COMING TO AN END!!!

TTHOG‘s debut EP, which will be released through Rottweiler Records. We will keep you posted.

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Aug 312017

Brutal Death Metal Band Taking The Head Of Goliath checked in with the following update:

“The recording of our debut EP is complete!!! It is currently in post production and we’re are eagerly awaiting a listen of the first mix. We would like to thank Will Maravelas at 14:59 STUDIOS for making this experience beyond awesome. You’re all pro, ultra accommodating and were way cool throughout. We know your mix will be BEYOND BRUTAL!!! We also would like to thank Brad Githens for laying down a killer guest vocal spot on ‘The Expulsion Of Putrid Illusion’, this track is going to be sick!!! In addition TTHOG thanks Shawn Browning at Rottweiler Records for signing us and walking alongside of us both professionally and spiritually. We are blessed to be part of “The Pack”. Lastly but certainly not least we thank our incredible fans and all in the Christian Metal Community for your support and for buying our merch. The profits from these sales funded this recording in its entirety. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!!! We are humbled by your desire to see this record released and your spreading the word about our band. We will keep you all updated on the mixing, mastering and impending release date of this, our self titled EP. In the meantime, rest assured, we are currently writing new material for the full length follow-up record… That’s all for now, GOD BLESS!!!  Continue reading »

Jun 222017

On December 14 last year, Christian brutal death Metal band Taking The Head of Goliath supported For Today during their farewell tour stop in Minneapolis, this was their debut show. Here is a new live video ‘Audacity To Inspire’  – This video is absolutely live. No overdubs in the music, no studio trickery. It is what it is. REAL metal. Real BRUTAL metal. How it should be.

‘Audacity To Inspire’  is taken from the “Beyond Brutal Live” e.p. which is released on April 17 through Rottweiler Records Continue reading »

Jun 032017

Taking the Head of Goliath, an American Christian Death Metal band originated in the twin cities, Minnesota in the year 2015. What started with Jake Martin, Matt Vangsgard, Nathan Sherman, Rob Blake became best known when they hired Bassist/Backing Vocalist Luke Renno of the band Crimson Thorn. The band signed up with Rottweiler Records when they were featured on the compilation called Kill the Ill a Benefit Compilation for Grave Robber singer and Rottweiler Records founder, Shawn Browning, to raise money for his medical expenses. By the way the compilation is a massive effort to gather 80 bands on to this mother of all Compilations. Do take a moment and check it out.

With caution and an open mind I take upon myself to review their first ever released EP, as it may set out the tone and expectation for the rest of the community. Starting off with “The Expulsion of Putrid Illusion” which has an array of blast beats with heavy guitar riffing and monster growls which are hard to miss at the opening of the song. The band is very tight and their crisp performance pulverises the grey matter of your head. Continue reading »

Mar 312017

Taking The Head Of Goliath is a Christian Brutal Death Metal band from the Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA. TTHOG incorporates grind, slam, tech, melodic and classic death metal into a ultra-heavy sound never lacking in brutality or originality. Vocal range hits on all points of the extreme metal spectrum, from blood curdling highs to the lowest of gurgling lows. The mission of this band is to spread a message of hope, redemption, strength, freedom, patriotism and ultimately salvation through Jesus Christ. Simply put, Taking The Head Of Goliath is death metal for life.

Recently they have released “Beyond Brutal Live” EP (Free download), currently the band is working on their debut album which will be released this year through Rottweiler Records. Check out the interview with TTHOG below:

TMR: Hello guys this is The Metal Resource from Holland, how are things going there in Minnesota ?

Nathan: Cold!
Luke: Things are going good. It’s starting to warm up, which I know everyone else likes, but I personally like the cold.
Rob: Things have been very busy and as crazy as a Minnesota winter. Continue reading »