Apr 132016

House of Heroes_2016Bad Christian Music (BC Music) just checked in with the following announcement:

“We are so excited to announce that we’ve partnered with House of Heroes to release their new album “Colors” and we want to invite you to listen to their brand new song, ‘Colors Run.’” (Lyric video below).

“Colors” is coming June 2016, but you can pre-order now to get to songs right away, a host of B-sides, the “Smoke EP” and exclusive vinyl! Continue reading »

Emery – “You Were Never Alone”

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May 212015

you were never aloneIf you have never listened to Emery, then you’ve missed out on some great music for the past 11 years. Their unique sound is influenced by a wide variety of genres such as post-hardcore, alternative rock, and -arguably- emo. Some feel that their debut album “The Weak’s End” is their best work, while others claim that they got better with every album. The band doesn’t specifically identify as a christian band, to avoid the stigma that comes with it. But all the members are openly christian, and the lyrics show this on a regular basis. Emery seeks to spread art and love, and has gained a lot of respect for this from both christian and secular audiences. After four years of hard work, including creating their own label, they released their newest album “You Were Never Alone”.

The first song “Rock, Pebble, Stone” begins pretty mellow. Vocal harmonies, and clean guitars in the background. The song will feel welcoming and familiar to any Emery fan, in a good way. The thing I’ve always liked about Emery is their ability to make softer songs, while their sound as a band remains relatively consistent. That is not an easy thing to achieve. The band matures with each album, but also seems to get more creative. Something else that stands out to me, is the bass guitar. It’s very audible, and doesn’t disappear into the background. That is a very positive thing in my book. It is a pretty upbeat song, and a very accesible start for their album. Continue reading »

Mar 102015

Peter_Espevoll_II_by_KienBaoBadChristian recently conducted an interview with Peter Espevoll of the Norwegian metal band Extol. Peter talks with Matt, Toby and Joey about his metal band Extol, spending time in a Norwegian mental care facility with his family and why Extol took an unexplained hiatus, as well as mental health and its life changing effects on his world. “We live in this world and it’s full of shit. Rather than always praying for health or the perfect things, my focus has been more on asking God to be with me in the tough things.” The interview can be heard on BC‘s latest podcast.

Extol‘s long-awaited fifth album has been released on 21st of June 2013 in Norway, Germany and Austria and on 24th of June in Europe via Indie Recordings and on June 25 in North America via Facedown Records. Continue reading »

‘Abandon Kansas’ Joins ‘BC Music’

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Jan 032015

AKWe’ve been busy working through the holidays here at BadChristian, and wanted to give you an inside scoop on one of our current projects. Below is a press release about our newest band Abandon Kansas‘s crowd fund going on right now that’s in the final three days! You can listen to clips of a couple new songs on the band’s facebook page to get a feel for the new direction they’re going with for their first full length album after going independent. The guys are in the studio right now and making this a really awesome album! We’re really excited with the direction their taking and want you all to hear it and have a chance to be part of it too.

Abandon Kansas, the newest addition to the BC Music roster of artists, just added 3 more perks to their current IndieGoGo campaign. The campaign has already funded over 90% of its goal, and only three days remain for fans to become a part of AK‘s story. The on-going crowd-fund currently features packages that allow fans to take part in the living-room tour AK has planned, and with 16 shows already booked, tickets are in high demand. Continue reading »

Dec 202014

Bad Christian logoThis week Bad Christian released their first ever music complation called “The LineUp Vol: 1”. Just like “The M Word”, they are giving this one away for free.

‘We have some awesome artists on the compilation including a selection of bands that submitted music to us this summer, new songs from BC artists like Emery and The Classic Crime, as well as artists on other labels like Wolves at the Gate, The Foxery, and ’68. We are thrilled to share music that we love with people that are cool.

The purpose of this compilation is just to share good music with people. We have found some lesser known bands that we want to help be heard.  We are proud of all of the BC Music artists and want to showcase them, and we are friends with some bands on other labels that we just felt like sharing as well. Continue reading »