Oct 132020

Tennessee – Modern Hard Rock band: Awaken have released their next single ‘Stained Glass’ from their up and coming album “Monsters and Machines” due out in 2021. Having signed with TLG Entertainment the band continues to take each track and raise it another level. Which if today’s stereos had decent equalizers a true test of turning it up loud would make every sound Awaken touches pure Hard Rock. Having set course with TLG Entertainment with their first single ‘Behemoth’ Awaken defines their sound and deeper-reaching lyrics higher and higher as ‘Stained Glass’ proves. Awaken is powerful rock that surges onwards and upwards.

Awaken states: ‘Stained Glass’ is a song for the overlooked. It’s a song that speaks for those who have been prejudged, counted out, or taken for granted without their situations being understood. It’s about how people can look at another through a stained glass lens and never really see who they are. This was actually one of the first songs written for the record, musically and lyrically. It’s always been one that stood out to us throughout the recording process.”‘

The video for ‘Stained Glass’ can be seen below.

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Fleshkiller – “Awaken”

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Feb 122018

For a lot many fans of Extol, Fleshkiller’s first album has served a long wait. These Norwegian djent tech death metal folks are out with their debut album “Awaken” which was released under the record banner of Facedown records (NA) / Indie Recording (Europe) on the 15th Of September 2017. What started as a side project by Ole Børud (of the progressive metal band Extol) and Peter Dalbakk (of the Vardøger fame) completed their line up when they pulled in Andreas Skorpe Sjøen (of the Umpfel fame) to fill in drums and Ole Vistnes (of the Shining,Tristania fame) to rumble in the bass. Peter Dalbakk eventually called it quits (for familial reasons) and the band saw Elisha Mullins filling in his shoes.

We’ve had a great deal of talented bands from the Scandinavian belt and one thing that’s omnipresent in all their music is strong melody, engaging riffs and catchy chorus, well Fleshkiller’s hasn’t fallen far from the tree and their lyrics suggest Christian preaching. I’ve given multiple listens to this album before writing my review, and that’s not because I was trying to figure out what I must speak of them but because I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of their music. Continue reading »

Sep 012017

Norwegian progressive death metallers Fleshkiller has released a second single and lyric video. The song is called ‘Salt of the Earth’. The track appears on their debut album “Awaken” which will be released on September 15 via Indie Recordings & Facedown Records (US & CAN). The lyric video can be seen below.

“‘Salt Of The Earth’ is lyrically filled with bold statements from probably the most influential person in history, old quotes which is still able to stir controversy.
Musically it follows up with the same boldness through a plow of heavy hitting rythms that once again will make you bang your head!”Ole Børud, Fleshkiller

The band has recently been added to the line-up of Blast of Eternity, which will take place in November. Not like previous years in Neckarsulm but this year in Stuttgart (Germany). Other performing bands will be: Living Sacrifice (Deathcore/USA), The Buried (Death ’n‘ Roll/Germany), The Prophecy 23 (Thrash Metal from Germany) … more bands will be announced soon. Continue reading »

Aug 182017

Norwegian progressive death metallers Fleshkiller has released their debut music video. The song is called ‘Warfare’ and it is brutal. The track appears on their debut album “Awaken” which will be released on September 15 via Indie Recordings & Facedown Records (US & CAN). The video can be seen below.

Ole Børud commented: “‘Warfare‘ is one of the most intense songs on the album with an old school thrash/death inspired beat that lends itself perfectly to some headbanging! Lyrically this song speaks about how humankind’s history of warfare ultimately leads to death and destruction and that we need to seek a better way.”

Founded by Ole Børud, Fleshkiller saw the light of day as a result of Extol’s return to hiatus after their last album in 2013. The upcoming debut album entitled “Awaken” was recorded and mixed between late 2015 and early 2017 at multiple locations around the world. Also written by Ole Børud, the style of music mixes old school death metal aesthetics with rich harmonic prog fusion elements. Compared to his previous efforts in the genre these new compositions spark a new level of intensity! Continue reading »

Aug 132017

Norwegian death metal band Fleshkiller (feat. Extol mastermind Ole Børud) will play an exclusive show at the tenth edition of Brainstorm Festival. The cultural rock and metal festival will be held this year on 3 and 4 November as usual in the Gigant in Apeldoorn (NL).

Other performing bands will be: Living Sacrifice (Metal from the USA), Xandria (Symphonic Metal from Germany), Project 86 (Heavy rock from USA), Sea + Air (Ghost Pop from D/GR). Dark Sarah (Gothic Metal from FIN), Death Therapy (Industrial groove metal from the USA), Wind Rose (Dwarven Metal from ITA), Sleeping Romance (Symphonic Metal from ITA), Undawn (Metalcore from Holland), The Memory Remains (80/90’s metal/rock from Holland).

Fleshkiller will release its debut album “Awaken” in September via Indie Recordings & Facedown Records (US & CAN). The first single ‘Parallel Kingdom’ was released on June 30. The lyric video can be watched below. Continue reading »