Apr 302018

Australia’s Awaken I Am continues to break genres with the release of ‘Dissolution,’ their newest video. The brand new track follows the release of their full length album “Blind Love.” The video can be seen below.

“This song is a chance for me to get some closure and say some things I never had the chance to say. The new sound and imagery symbolizes taking a step forward, leaving the past and old ways behind,” explains drummer Luke McKenzie.

“After being so blown away from our recent first full tour of the United States earlier this year, we are so excited to come back for a second this summer with CKY and Slaves. The guys in Slaves are good friends and CKY always puts on a killer show, so we are expecting great vibes all around on this tour.” Continue reading »

Oct 192017

Combining soulful vocals and avant-garde imagery in one infectious burst, Awaken I Am has eradicated genres with ‘Black Dreams,’ their latest visual masterpiece. The video comes from their likewise enchanting new album, “Blind Love,” available everywhere now. The video can be watched below.

“’Black Dreams’ is written from a dark place of trying to climb out of the depths of depression and anxiety,” explains drummer Luke McKenzie. “In that place, it’s hard to confront yourself and the spiral of self destructive tendencies. Ultimately it is the love of those who know you better than you know yourself that help lift you up.”
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Awaken I Am – “Blind Love”

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Sep 252017

Alternate rockers from Gold coast of Brisbane, Awaken I am, are set to release their sophomore album, “Blind Love” on the 29th of September under Victory records. Awaken I am, raised to fame when their debut album “Shields and Crowns” reached the #3 spot on I-tunes Metal chart. Having toured with Chiodos, The Devil Wears Prada and Emarosa in the past, the band made headlines when they appeared at the So What Festival in Dallas. Predominant in the Australian scene, the band bagged a worldwide deal with Victory records at the end 2016.

Right at the outset the band’s sound is very different from what I’ve heard over the years, a far cry from the traditional alt-Rock. The band however takes a bold step while shaping its music as it pushes itself to the realms of Pop-Rock. The songs have upbeat soundscapes, even though the songs speak of struggles with ones past. Be it for the staccato guitar riffs that fill up the songs, or the electronic elements, the songs do get pretty catchy at the chorus. Adam has an impressive vocal range and showcases his style as he juggles rap, with an occasional falsetto and ties it up beautifully with his melodies on the choruses. Continue reading »

Sep 152017

Combining soulful vocals and soaring grooves in one infectious burst, Australia’s Awaken I Am has eradicated genres with ‘Wolves,’ their newest song, available today. The track comes from their likewise enchanting new album, “Blind Love,” available everywhere September 29th, 2017.

“When people are only there for you when it benefits them, I consider them wolves,” admits vocalist Adam Douglas. “This song is a look at those self-absorbed people, and making yourself re-evaluate what truly matters. I also want to push people to achieve the things that make them happy with the true friends who are always there for you. If they can’t be there for you in the bad times, don’t let that burden you, make that motivate you.” Continue reading »

Aug 192017

“Blind Love,” the sonically infectious, ethereal and groundbreaking new album from Awaken I Am is set for release on September 29th, 2017. Today, the Australian melodic powerhouse are streaming their new single ‘Black Dreams.’

’Black Dreams’ is written about a person trying to climb their way out of a place of depression and anxiety,” explains vocalist Adam Douglas. “In times like this, you feel like you have lost yourself and so you push people away, looking for an escape by making irrational decisions. You soon realize the people who cared know you better then you know yourself.”

In 2014, Awaken I Am released their first album “Shields & Crowns,” which went on to extensive radio play across Australia, reaching #3 on the iTunes Metal Chart. Awaken I Am’s live show is impressive as well, erupting with energy, which was witnessed around the world on tours with Chiodos, The Devil Wears Prada, Emarosa, headlining dates in Japan and an appearance at So What Festival in Dallas. They continued pushing the boundaries of all genres, playing as openers and headliners, and turned the Australian rock scene on its head. All this ultimately lead to a worldwide deal with Victory Records in December 2016. Continue reading »