Sep 282018

Fight The Fury, the new metal project from Skillet frontman and bassist John Cooper, will release its debut EP, “Still Breathing”, on October 26 via Atlantic Records. The disc’s first single, ‘My Demons’, can be streamed below. The song is available as an instant grat track for all fans who pre-order the record.

Fight The Fury also features Skillet guitarist Seth Morrison, along with drummer Jared Ward and guitarist John Panzer III.

‘My Demons’ is the first song that I wrote for the project about five years ago when I first had the idea to start Fight The Fury,” Cooper shared, offering some insight into the track. “It’s a good first taste for fans because it’s got all of the ingredients of the band: aggression, melody, screaming, angst, a touch of progressive rock, and frenzied chaos. It touches on some dark themes that can be related in general to most people’s individual struggles in life.” Continue reading »

Nov 122017

Building on the success of their critically acclaimed and commercially successful release “Unleashed,” Skillet is back with a new deluxe edition of the album. “Unleashed Beyond” is slated for release on November 17th via Atlantic Records.

The deluxe edition features the previously released version of the album as well as 5 unreleased tracks including a song that features former Flyleaf vocalist Lacey Sturm. There are also 3 remixes of tracks from “Unleashed” including the #1 single ‘Feel Invincible,’ the crowd favorite ‘The Resistance’ and the masterful interpretation of ‘Stars’ from the recent film The Shack. The deluxe edition is currently available for pre-order on all Skillet tour stops as well as via their webstore. Continue reading »

Skillet – “Unleashed”

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Jan 252017

Skillet is probably one of the most popular ‘mainstream’ Christian American rock bands out there today. They have managed to garner success in an industry that is getting harder and harder to sell a lot of records in. In many respects they have the t-shirt and they wear it well, despite some criticisms. Though there sound has become more derivative over time, again they wear it well, and one needs to just balance it out with their success to know that it works for them. Nevertheless Skillet has found a home in their style which is a very aggressive interpretation of in your face arena style rock.

The latest offering from the band exactly fits that aggressive representation of rock that they seemingly been moulding themselves towards over the last while, and thus with a title like, “Unleashed” makes for a great description, and invitation to what the listener is going to be introduced to before even turning the volume up. This is Skillet, ‘unleashed’. There is no mistaken Skillet is a big band, and with that popularity comes expectation, and thus to continue their momentum Skillet need to grow their formula and set forth a package that not only introduces new fans to their sound, but invites back the old fans that might have fallen away over time. Continue reading »

Jul 302016

skillet-2016Grammy-nominated rockers Skillet have expanded “The Unleashed Tour” with additional stops throughout Europe and Russia this Fall. The new string of dates will kick off on November 6th in Paris, France and take the band through Europe and Russia before ending on December 9th in London, UK. Red Sun Rising will be joining the band on the international tour. These new dates come after the recently announced U.S. leg that kicks off on September 22nd in Clive, IA. The tour is in support of Skillet‘s first album in three years, “Unleashed,” which will be released on August 5th. Tickets and VIP Packages are now open to the public and available for the US Tour dates click here and for European/Russian dates click here.

“Unleashed” is the follow up to the band’s critically acclaimed, gold-certified 2013 release, “Rise” NewReleaseToday recently raved, “it’s a record worth buying and cranking up in the car with your friends– and it proves Skillet‘s continued ability to successfully reinvent themselves.” Those who have pre-ordered the album have already received ‘Feel Invincible,’ ‘Back From The Dead’ and ‘Stars’ from the upcoming release. Another track, ‘I Want To Live,’ has just been made available as an instant download. Continue reading »

Switchfoot – “Fading West” (ep)

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Oct 292013

FadingWestEP-SwitchfootEvery now and then a band comes up with a pretty cool idea for their fans.  In this case, the multi-platinum band Switchfoot has released an ep of songs that will be part of a full-length coming out in January 2014,which will also be the soundtrack for a movie they’re making.  If you buy the ep, you’ll get the rest of the album when it comes out.  Sort of like a pre-order with benefits.  I will say there are a lot of bands I wish could do this as there’s often a partially finished album sitting around for a while before the rest is finished and released.  Then again, most of what I listen to is from bands where the delays are time and finances since the band members have to hold down jobs to pay the bills their rockstar life doesn’t cover—like most or all of them.

So, should there be anyone unfamiliar with Switchfoot, they are an alternative-rock band from San Diego who have been around since 1996 and released eight albums.  Starting out primarily as guitar-driven rock in the Christian rock genre, their sound and popularity has increased greatly and now would be considered a mainstream artist with albums being sold in Christian bookstores and regular retail outlets.  Following their appearance on the soundtrack to the movie  A Walk to Remember, Switchfoot was signed by Columbia Records and released their first big hit, The Beautiful Letdown, which has gone on to sell over 2.6 million copies.  Continue reading »