Dec 042018

Nosral Recordings acts Symphony of Heaven and Ascending King have joined forces to record ‘Drink From The Chalice Of Blood’ which is a cover from Horde (taken from “Hellig Usvart” 1994).

The digital track is available as free download (name your price) on bandcamp. Continue reading »

Oct 162018

This week Ascending King‘s debut album “Funeral of a Species” is available for pay what you want over at bandcamp. All funds (100%) raised will go to help Ruah pay for diapers for his new baby! Head over and help out! or get it free!

Ascending King is the brainchild of Aaron Kirby, known as Ruah. The band started in 2015, releasing a single under a short stint at SkyBurnsBlack Records, before ultimately signing with Nosral Recordings in 2017 as the label’s first band. Ruah was previously the vocalist for Dryline, a metalcore band off Zero Sum Recordings, beginning in 1999 until they disbanded in 2008. Continue reading »

Dec 112017

Everything is bigger in Texas and Ascending King show that also applies to doom-influenced black metal in their debut ep for the new Nosral Recordings…

Ascending King formed in 2015 by Ruah (Aaron Kirby) and within one year had joined Sky Burns Black Records and released the single “Genesis of Desolation” but left before the recording of the debut ep was complete, signing with the new label Nosral Recordings in 2017, which was started by Michael John Larson (Frost Like Ashes).  In keeping with the black metal theme, Ruah joined Elgibbor on stage at the 2017 Audiofeed festival playing bass alongside notables Fire (guitars), Azahel (vocals), Sebat (guitars) and Taberah (drums).  Funeral of a Species is the first release for Nosral Recordings and is a concept album about man’s last days on Earth.

Fittingly, the ep opens up with some eerie organ music and then abruptly switches to some heavily distorted bass guitar and plodding drum track.  Near shrieking black metal vocals start with the guitars and while the double bass drum line kicks in, the song maintains a plodding, doom-like rhythm for a while until the drums really take off and bring the bass and guitars with.  The production is higher quality than a lot of black metal releases, especially solo project ones and that really adds to the impact and power of the songs.  That being said, there still is that rawness one would expect in a black metal release (and yes, I use “black metal” to describe the music, not belief system of the artist or lyrical content). Continue reading »

Sep 232017

Ascending King is the brainchild of Aaron Kirby, known as Ruah. The band started in 2015, releasing a single under a short stint at SkyBurnsBlack Records, before ultimately signing with Nosral Recordings this year as the label’s first band. Ruah was previously the vocalist for Dryline, a metalcore band off Zero Sum Recordings, beginning in 1999 until they disbanded in 2008.

The doom metal band just released their debut EP, “Funeral of a Species” through Nosral Recordings (A new label founded by Michael John Larson (aka Sebat), guitarist of Frost Like Ashes). Continue reading »

Aug 192017

One-man spirit filled black/doom metal band Ascending King (Aaron Kirby) released its debut EP “Funeral of a Species” yesterday. Copies of “Funeral Of A Species” are available for purchase here. This is the first official Nosral Recordings release.

Tracklist: 1. Stench Of Man, 2. Genesis Of Desolation, 3. Rupture In The Northern Sky, 4. Moon Of The Dead, 5. Eternal Extinction Of Apollyon’

Last year August, Ascending King released a single titled ‘Genesis of Desolation’ through SkyBurnsBlack Records.  Continue reading »