Dec 022015

Spoken_2015Spoken has released a music video for their track ‘Falling Apart’ off their upcoming record “Breathe Again” out December 11th through Artery Recordings. ‘Falling Apart’ is the 2nd single to be released from the album following the critically acclaimed title track “Breathe Again” (featuring Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire) which was released earlier this year. The video can be seen below.

‘Falling Apart’ was produced by Cameron Mizell and recorded at Chango Studios in Glendale, Arizona. The Video was directed by Sam Link of Collapse Studios and filmed in Columbia, Tennessee at a graveyard for business signs. We were fortunate enough to have Trevor Sarver from The Wedding fill in for the video, which helped us out a lot because he is such a stud and has great hair. Continue reading »

Phinehas – “Till The End”

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Nov 252015

phinehas_Till the EndPhinehas, do I really have to introduce them? I can’t imagine that there is someone out there, who is into metalcore, that hasn’t heard of them. But just in case I will give a short history of the band.

Phinehas is a Christian metalcore band from Los Angeles, California. Phinehas was formed with a simple purpose: to be a band of Christians that brings the hope of Jesus to the hopeless and rejected. They were formed in 2001. “Till The End” is their third studio album, they also released two ep’s. The first EP which was self-titled was recorded in 2009, this album was independently released. During their first two studio albums they were signed to Redcord Records which is now dissolved into Victory Records. In early 2013 the EP “Bridge Between” was realeased, containing updated versions of their self-titled EP and also acoustic interpretations of songs from “Thegodmachine”. Currently they are signed to Artery Recordings.

Now for the actual album; Starting off with ‘Dead Choir’ that has that instant ‘As I Lay Dying’ feel to it. Complex, yet melodic, guitar solo’s and with a catchy clean chorus. So we are off to a good start, this is what modern metalcore should sound like. ‘White Livered’ is a more aggressive song that has a thrashy feel to it from time to time. Continue reading »

Feb 182015

PHINEHAS_SQUARE-624x624California mustache masters Phinehas have signed to Artery Recordings for the release of their new studio album, which is due out later this spring. Check out a video message from the band below

Phinehas released their sophomore studio album, “The Last Word Is Yours To Speak” July 23th. 2013 via Red Cord Records. Continue reading »

Apr 102014

triple brutalNeah…1,2,3,4….Neah…1,2,3,4….Neah!  If you’ve ever heard Arnold Schwarzenegger speak, you know exactly how that sounds and that is the opening track for Triple Brutal, the third full length from Tim Lambesis’ solo side project Austrian Death Machine.  As side projects go, this one was always rather ambitious in nature as it is a blend of As I Lay Dying type metal with lyrics or at least inspiration supplied by Schwarzenegger films.  As Tim Lambesis once said in an interview, As I Lay Dying is “heartfelt and full of passion”, while Austrian Death Machine is on the other side of the spectrum and an “outlet of pure testosterone and stupidity”.

As any fan of metal knows, Tim apparently took that to heart, abusing steroids and then being arrested for, and pleading guilty to trying to hire a hitman to kill his wife.  To be honest, that makes this album almost some sort of bad joke as it had a release date of April Fool’s Day and given Tim’s current situation, it seems rather odd and/or wrong to release an album filled with references to violence and death no matter how campy it is.  On the other hand, the album was largely, possibly entirely, crowd-funded and the proceeds have been publicly promised to go to the charity World Vision and all of that took place before Tim’s legal troubles surfaced.  Continue reading »

Feb 122014

austrian death machineBelow a new update from Austrian Death Machine due to the upcoming album “Triple Brutal”:

Thank you all for your patience and we apologize for the massive delays that we faced scheduling the release for the “Triple Brutal”. As many of you already know, the album is set for release on April 1st (not a joke). The stuff for anyone who contributed to the campaign ship March 28.

We have been putting forth our best effort to fulfill what we have promised. If there are any address changes, please email and we’ll make sure it’s noted before we start filling up packages next month. In addition to the CD, we are getting ready to manufacture all of the material for the perks. If we can’t fulfill the exact perk for whatever legal reason, we have ideas to provide cool alternatives. More info on that as it comes. Lastly, the in-person perks are on hold of course until we hear more in the next month about Tim’s availability. In the meantime, we plan to include extras along with the CD’s going out to those people. Continue reading »