Mar 052018

Roxx Records has released a taste of old-school thrash from Join the Dead, a lone track from an album that never happened and a couple of Deliverance cover tracks featuring Michael Phillips on guitars/vocals with Jim Chaffin on drums and Scott Waters on vocals.

Bay Area thrash band Join the Dead was one of the early Christian thrash pioneers and featured Michael Phillips who was in the band Deliverance for their Stay of Execution album and was with The Sacrificed for their album III , which was released by Roxx and Century Records  and received a good bit of critical acclaim.

Before Join the Dead finally disbanded, they did record one last track, “Walking in Darkness” which was to go on their next album, an album that never happened.  The band donated the track to Metal Pulse radio for use in a tribute to Dale Huffman, but otherwise it hasn’t been released until now.  On this ep, it’s combined with two Deliverance cover tracks, one from a Michael Phillips solo album Mirrors Within Mirrors, and the other unreleased until now. Continue reading »