Oct 182016

Armath Sargon“It feels like the summer of my life is gone. I see that my wounds still exist. I see them as deep as an endless fall, but there is always hope ahead.”

The son of the north returns with his quintessential and signature melodic sound! Northern atmospheric black metal of a unique and progressive blend, Armath Sargon brings us his latest production that staunchly rivals his phenomenal work on “Under the Moon and the Sun” (2012). Outdoing himself, the soundscape of this release is vast and wonderfully captured in a beautiful 2 CD gatefold digipak with a colorful 12 panel booklet full of the landscapes of Autumn and Winter. Each album must be listened to in its entirety in order to absorb the full environment and experience of the journey. Each track unfolds into the next creating an enchanting and powerful aurora. Driving rhythmic drums meld with neck-snapping guitar work and keyboards that wrap the sound together as one. Armath Sargon’s vocals return to his typically raspy style of growls, slightly haunting clean throats, and heavenly spoken passages with a wondrous Scandinavian tongue. We at Nokternal Hemizphear Records are honored and proud to release this tremendous package of metal that speaks to the soul of mankind’s depravity, darkest moments, and the light of utmost victories! Continue reading »

Jun 032015

F.M.D.Faithless Minutes Devoured (abbreviated F.M.D.) is a project of Armath Sargon & David J Coats. Their album “A Eulogy for Humanity” is released late last month through No Sleep Till Megiddo Records. An apocalyptic Industrialized/Funeral Doom 2 CD album 13 tracks and is almost 120 minutes long. It begins in eden and ends in apocalypse. Listen below to the nearly 10 minute long track ‘Withered & Dying’.

‘I am really happy with this project that almost didn’t see daylight’ says Armath Sargon.

He added ‘Lyrics are biblical and some songs got straight from the bible. Enjoy this journey that takes you from Fall of mankind to rise of God’s kingdom.’ Continue reading »

Feb 152015

Armath SargonOne man black metal band from Finland, Armath Sargon is founded in 2004 under the name Litostroton. Recently we received the following message from him:

‘This is the official anouncement of ending my ministry and ends of my part of other bands that I am in as well. I will move forward to other tasks that God has put me to do.’

‘Here is the word that I did get when I prayed how to say this:’
Ecclesiastes 3 Amplified Bible (AMP) Continue reading »

Jan 172015

Damnation/Salvation (2015)One man black metal band from Finland Armath Sargon is working on a new album titled “Damnation/Salvation”, which will be released later this year through Nokternal Hemizphear, the date of release is not yet known. We keep you posted. Two new songs from the upcoming album are available for streaming in the soundcloud-player below.

“Damnation/Salvation” will be the follow-up to “Under the Moon and the Sun” which was released in 2012. Our review of “UtMatS” can be found here. Continue reading »

Oct 102014

when love is deadBlack metal from Northern Europe sounds intriguing.  Make it a solo project from Finland, and you have Armath Sargon.  When Love is Dead on Sanctus Gladius Records is a reissue/remastered version of the original released in 2011.  I haven’t heard the original, but if this is the remixed/remastered version, I can only imagine what the original sounded like.  This album has that old-school black metal feel and vibe to it that really is somewhat scarce in this day and age.

Hailing from Jyväskylä, Finland, Armath Sargon is a rather busy musician.  Not only for his solo efforts, which number greater than 15 releases since 2007, but also his other projects including Katumus and Zero + One among others.  One aspect all those share is the overall black metal sound and approach to songwriting.  Being a Christian, some choose to label Armath Sargon as “unblack” or “white” metal, but really I don’t find those terms very helpful.  I know a number of music fans appreciate the black metal genre regardless of lyrical content or beliefs of the performers, so in that sense, I would gladly recommend Armath Sargon to them since they view the “black” adjective as referring to style.  Given the corpse paint in his photos and general look of the albums and subject matter, one can guess that this will be authentic-sounding “black” (or extreme) metal. Continue reading »