Oct 062018

Brazilian extreme metal band Antidemon have released a music video for ‘Não Tardará’ the track is taken from their fourth album “Apocalypsenow” which has been released in 2012 via Rowe Productions. The video can be watched below.

Antidemon was formed on January 12, 1994, with founding members Carlos Batista on vocals, Alexandre Cebotorov on bass, Kleber Albino on guitars, Sergio Gonçalves on guitars, and Elke Garzoli (Batista’s wife) on drums. The band issued a demo later that year. After that, Cebotorov and Gonçalves left forcing Batista to become the band’s bassist. The band did another demo in 1997 and a third in 1998. The band’s debut album, “Demonocídio” was self-released in 1999. The band then split an EP with the band Zen Garden, entitled “Barad.” In March 2002, Antidemon began their first tour outside of Brazil, in Mexico, on the Demonocídio Mexican Tour. Their sophomore album, Anillo de fuego, which is Spanish for “Ring of Fire” came out in 2003.

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Nov 242017

Juliana Batista drummer of Brazilian metal band Antidemon, was invited to give her testimony in “Changed”, an evangelistic book with life stories, released in the Netherlands. Check below the testimony of Juliana in full as it is in the book:

My name is Juliana Batista. I was born in São Paulo, Brazil, in a non-Christian family, but in my heart I’ve always felt a strong need to do things in a correct way in every sense. I always felt that there was a better world than the one I lived in and a life different to the one I knew! I wanted something on a higher level… Actually I wanted to get to know God! But things did not happen so quickly. The lack of something that really satisfied my soul led me into a state of deep sadness.

I always liked rock music and pop. There was a time when I listened to them and enjoyed them a lot… And I could identify with a lot of the lyrics and would then let my mind wander off into another world, but I continued being very sad and distressed in my own reality. My family has always been engaged and interested in Eastern religions and cultures and so I inevitably knew some things about these cultures and religions. But they never touched my heart. None of them brought me joy or gave me a real reason to live. For a while I thought that the reason for all of this fear inside me was because I was very shy and reserved. I tried to change… Forcing myself to be different, making more friends and trying to get out more… Then I got into electronic music. I went to a few parties, but the joy I felt through this was deceitful and fleeting. Continue reading »

Aug 132017

The third edition of Rock Alive was scheduled for 23 September not in Atak/Enschede but this year in Hedon, Zwolle (Netherlands). Performing bands would be: Deliverance, Antidemon, Germán Pascual, Slechtvalk, Frühstück, Boarders, S91, Pure Harvest, Slechtvalk, Inside Mankind – but the event has recently been canceled. In a statement on the website the organisation says:

Unfortunately we have to make a sad announcement…

It’s with a heavy heart that we have to tell you that the upcoming Rock Alive festival will not be held this September 23th this year. Due to some circumstances beyond our control it won’t be able for the organisation to make it the festival it should be. So there will NOT be a festival on September 23th in Zwolle this year. Continue reading »

Aug 032017

Batista frontman of Brazilian metal band Antidemon checked in with the following:

Hello friends! Now I have a fan page with almost all the works I’ve painted in the last 20 years. In every picture concerning the work you will find an explanation of the meaning I understand and see in each of them. You will also find right under the name of the work if it is available for sale or if it has already been sold. There are also paintings that illustrated Cds and Dvds of Antidemon. These works have a historical value and that is why they are a little more expensive, but they are also available to whomever.
By Acquiring one of my works, you will be helping directly in the mission of the world and so a missionary with us! I thank everyone for the support and partnership in every initiative and try to go ahead with what we believe. Continue reading »

Jun 212017

Vision of God Records has announced the release of brand new live dvd from Brazilian Death/Grind metal band Antidemon which carries the title “Tormenterror” the show is professionally filmed in September 2016 in Santiago, Chile. The dvd will contain bonus features, estimated release July 30th. Check out the video below for a preview of “Tormenterror”.

As previously reported, Vision Of God Records will reissue the albums “Demonicido,” (1999)  “Anillo De Fuego” (2002) and “Satanichaos,” (2009) and as well release a BRAND NEW ALBUM, which is to be recorded soon.

“This is a great achievement for us. Releases and reissue sets are due to start in late May 2017. The reissues will have a renewed layout and bonus tracks. We are asking for support from our friends and brothers for all these actions that Vision Of God Records will be carrying out. These releases might also come in vinyl at some point. Thanks to everyone who have always supported us. This story continues.”. Continue reading »