Jun 062018

The Brazilian Groove/Thrash Metal band Legacy Of Kain have announced in a facebook post that Angelo Torquetto (picture) has stepped down as guitarist..

The band said that: “Separation never is a victory. Our great friend and co-founder Angelo Torquetto unfortunately will leave us this week. We will miss you but respect your decision to focusing in new projects. All the luck and success to you Angelo on this new path!” Continue reading »

Sep 242016

lok_brazil_b2fAfter more than 20 years of career and playing through important bands in the Metal scene (Crosskill, Devil Torturer, Desertor, Messianic Cry, Seven Angels and Doomsday Hymn) both guitarists Angelo Torquetto and Karim Serri advertise that they were stating a new band. Now, not just the public that follow their trajectory but also the headbangers from Brazil and the whole world have a great reason to celebrate, because one more consistent name rise up with a mission to honor and represent all the Metal strength: Legacy of Kain.

“After many trial and errors, we end up learning lots of things about band, relationship, how to work and focus,” says Karim Serri. “When we gather to start the band, LOK (Legacy of Kain), we thought about to use everything we´ve learned all those years to our advantage”.

Besides the guitarists, LOK includes the bassist Leon PS (Ex-Efrata) and Drummer Tiago Rodrigues. The vocals is the responsability of Angelo Torquetto, who already played this role in other bands that he played. About the new partners, Karim says that they called two guys that think the same way and have the same goal we have with no restrictions. We have a high expectancy with this band. Not about fame and success … it is relative, but it is about commitment and availability to go to any places the Metal takes us”. Continue reading »

May 132015

Doomsday Hymn logoThe end of days is soon to be upon us–skies blacken and lightning crashes, cracking deep gashes in the earth’s firmament. Before long, the planet’s core is exposed and the day of reckoning rears its head–all brought about by the aptly named hybrid metal act from Parana, Brazil, Doomsday Hymn. Influenced by everything from 80’s power and speed metal to modern, groove-friendly metalcore, Doomsday Hymn are a crushing quintet well versed in the ways of all things metal. Boasting an impressive live performance history and an intense debut EP, Doomsday Hymn are a hair-raising, hectic display of comprehensive metallic prowess, bold and brutalizing enough to bring about true Armageddon.

The band recently signed with U.S record label Rotweiler Records to release their debut album “Mene Tequel Ufarsim”. An interview with guitarist Angelo Torquetto follows below. Continue reading »