Mar 242018

Holland’s Angelic Forces debut an ep of old-school metal that has all the elements from the 80’s-era metal that we all enjoy!

Back in 2014, bassist Wilco van der Meij left the band Methusalem and felt drawn to start another band, this time with former Methusalem guitarist Harold de Vries and drummer Rudie Kingma.  Along the way, the band added Maurice Gijsman (ex-L.S.D.) as a second guitarist and the lineup was set.  In June of 2016 the band recorded their first single and has been playing shows and recording off and on since then.

Opening up with a guitar harmony riff and then trading some short solos over a galloping bass and drum line is a great way to open up and ep and Angelic Forces pull out all the stops on “Thunder and Lightning”.  This is late 80’s metal with an updated feel.  Harold de Vries vocals remind me a lot of Phil Mogg’s on “Lights Out” by UFO except Harold occasionally hits the really high register.  This song has it all including the guitar solos one would expect with the harmonies and also a chance to shout “METAL” along with the band.  Just a great song overall. Continue reading »

Mar 042018

Angelic Forces is a band from the North of The Netherlands, they play traditional Heavy Metal, heavily influenced by the 80’s Heavy Metal. Later this month they will release their new album. Recently we spoke with Maurice Gijsman, guitar player in Angelic Forces. Check out the interview below.

TMR: Hello Maurice this is The Metal Resource, how are things going there in the North of The Netherlands?

Very well, we just finished recording our upcoming EP and we have some great festivals planned to play at.

TMR: How did you get into rock/metal?

Everyone its musical journey, eventually we will all end up with the music we like the most. In our case it was metal. Continue reading »

Jul 172016

Angelic_Forces_Band_2016_01bAngelic Forces is a new traditional Heavy Metal band from Friesland / Groningen (the Netherlands). The band just has released their new single ‘Angelic Forces’ which was recorded earlier this month at Double Impact Productions. The song can be streamed in the video below.

The band is comprised of: Harold de Vries – Lead Vocals/Guitar, Maurice Gijsman – Guitar/Vocals, Wilco van der Meij – Bass/Vocals, Rudie Kingma – Drums. Continue reading »