Aug 162019

Canadian Symphonic / Celtic Metal artist Leah has released some new information on her upcoming concept album, “Ancient Winter,” and has also launched the albums crowdfunding campaign for it’s release.

The album will be a hybrid of Celtic, fantasy, medieval and folk sounds, featuring a total of eight tracks, with five original pieces, and three covers of traditional songs.

Leah has also once again brought in many other musicians that will be making guest appearances such as: Troy Donockley (Nightwish) Anna Murphy (Cellar Darling) Shir-Ran Yinon (Eluveitie) Oliver Philipps (Everon, Phantasma) Rupert Gillett, with artwork from Jan Yrlund and mixing and mastering by Tom Mueller.

Leah states: I’m very excited to officially announce the coming of a new album, entitled Ancient Winter.

The idea came to me in January of this year. A friend mentioned that I really should do a Christmas-type album, and since I had heard that request so many times, it really solidified the idea in my mind. And seeing that it was still January, there was time for me to pull this off. So, I went straight to work.

It’s very different from the past albums which were more of a symphonic metal style with a touch of Celtic, folk & fantasy. Continue reading »

Aug 032019

As previously reported Canadian Symphonic / Celtic Metal artist Leah is currently working on a Wintery-Xmas album.  LEAH checked in with important news regarding the new album …

The title of the winter album is called


And I’m listening to it right now!
The title will make perfect sense as soon as you hear it!

Also… the first SINGLE of the album will be out in a couple of weeks…. and it will launch the same day as the crowdfunding campaign.
So that is DOUBLY EXCITING. Can you tell by how much all-caps I’m using!? Haha.

Thank you for being part of this journey with me, I’m OVER THE MOON excited about this album. I already want to create more music like this. Continue reading »