Nov 272019

What at first would be just a reunion to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their acclaimed album “Gothic Soul” paved the way for the definitive return of the legendary Brazilian band Amos.

Currently formed by Rodrigo Shimabukuro (vocals / bass), Evandro Vaz (guitar), Helder Domingues (guitar), Fred Oliveira (keyboard) and Rick Thibau (drums) who composed the band from 2002 until 2005, the group decided to return to activities and fulfill the purpose of impacting the minds and hearts of society with their music, which remains influenced by heavy metal as well as gothic and progressive rock.

The group was recently on the studio Fábrika and recorded 3 tracks in the ‘live session’ format, being ‘In The Storm’ (opening track of “Gothic Soul”) released today, thus giving official start to the project.

You can check the video below.

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Amos – “Jade”

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Nov 132016

amos_jade_cover_c5bGoth metal band Amos returns after a long hiatus with their third album, Jade, moving into more into the goth hard rock side of things compared to previous releases, which leads to a more cohesive sound where nothing is forced.

Returning from a long hiatus like one that Amos has experienced can be tough on a fan base, but looking over what I can find on the band’s history, their long time fans may be a bit used to this as this is their third full length since the band started back in 1994.  Listening to the songs on Jade with the clear vocals, I had no idea the band is actually from Mato Grasso in Brazil.  For Jade, Amos has drifted away from the doom influences in previous albums and more fully embraced goth sensibilities.  As one might imagine, production is very clean, layered, and full.  Keyboards are prevalent but not dominant and vocals are a bit toward the forefront in the sound and this is a good thing as they are so dark, brooding, and smooth.

Chiming guitars open up “Still Believe” on the first track of the album and having not heard Amos before, the vocals immediately caught my ear as they are somewhat hypnotic in tone and delivery.  Backing it all is a guitar-led rhythm section that provides a solid counterpoint to the delivery of the lyrics.  Multiple guitars in the mix provide some great opportunities for layering the different parts and they are used very well in the song. Continue reading »

Oct 152016

amos_bandRoxx Records is happy to announce the signing of one of the pioneers of the Brazilian underground Christian Music scene. Please join us in welcoming the gothic rock and metal sounds of Amos to our roster.

Amos was formed in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil in the year 1994, in the early years of their career the band featured heavy influences in the Doom metal scene. It would not be until 1998 they would release their first demo tape titled “Confort In Trouble”, even though the quality of this demo was not the best, states the band, it received many nice reviews from various media outlets.

After the release of the demo and a few lineup changes Amos would start to finally compose some new material. By 1999 the band would release their second effort entitled “Gothic Soul” which was of far better quality then that original demo. By this time the band had dropped the heavy doom sound and were now more heavily influenced by straight up Heavy Metal, still with a tinge of a Gothic sound all the while still trying to maintain some of that original doom influence. This new CD was heavily praised in Brazil, and was soon released in the US and Europe with a great reception all over the world. Unfortunately it would not be quite enough to get the band more exposure or allow them to tour and expand all over the world. Continue reading »