Apr 192014

Alberto RigoniItalian company Alusonic Aluminium Instruments is proud to announce the release of “Alusonic Alberto Rigoni Hybrid signature bass”!

‘ As many bass players, I’m affected by GAS but I’m also pretty eclectic – I’m always looking for innovative and exciting instruments. Based on a new concept, my new Alusonic Hybrid signature bass features an alder body which gives a punchy and full mid-tone, and an Aircraft Grade Aluminium Top that increases the attack of the notes and gives them an incredible clarity. The best bass I’ve ever had in terms of tone and design! Thanks Alusonic!’  – Alberto Rigoni (Solo, TwinSpirits, Lady & the BASS, Kim Bingham, Vivaldi Metal Project)

‘I worked hard together with Alberto to create this new model and we are both very excited about the result. Get ready for a new sound experience!’ – Polly

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Mar 032014

DingwallAlbertoRigoniAR5_1Italian bass player and composer Alberto Rigoni [TwinSpirits, Lady & THE BASS, Vivaldi Metal Project, Kim Bingham] is proud to announce a new collaboration with Italian company Alusonic Aluminium Instruments.

Alberto comments: “As many bass players, I’m affected by GAS but I’m also pretty eclectic: I’m always looking for innovative and exciting instruments. I had the chance to try Alusonic aluminum basses and I was really impressed. I never though aluminum could sound so amazing. Well… I was wrong! We are now working on a new bass project [see  pictures below]. What I can say for now is that the bass won’t be made just in aluminum… and that the project is focused on getting a superior tone for a competitive price. I’m proud to be in Alusonic family and glad to support my country!

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