May 122018

The genre-defying industrial project, Circle of Dust, is back with “alt_Machines” a full-length remix album follow-up to the project’s 2016 album “Machines of Our Disgrace.” “alt_Machines” features official remixes from a wide-ranging collection of artists/producers, including Blue Stalhi, Voicians, Sebastian Komor, The Anix, The Plague, Raizer, 3FORCE, DJ Hidden, and Zeromancer.

The album releases June 1st and is available for pre-order now from the independent record label FiXT, with immediate access to the new single, ‘Hive Mind’ (The Anix Remix). The album also features an intense remix of ‘Dust to Dust’ by Zardonic, along with an original, multi-song mash-up, ‘Drum Machines of Our Disgrace’ by Circle of Dust, and several bonus remixes from Blue Stahli, of 4 original ’90s Circle of Dust songs.

Listen to ‘Hive Mind’ (The Anix Remix) below: Continue reading »