Mar 102018

“All Is One” a Rockpalast documentary about Orphaned Land from 2018. The video can be watched below.

Orphaned Land is the most successful Rock Band from the Middle East. Uniting people from all religions among its fans, the 5-piece-group from Israel manages to tour the whole world since the 90s. The band’s musical blend of heavy guitars and oriental instruments is unique, but what really makes the group stand out is their contribution to the peace idea. As some fans put it „Orphaned land are doing what our political leaders fail to do, unite people everywhere“.

„All is one“ is more than the name of one of Orphaned Lands albums, it is the quintets philosophy claiming that all three big religious groups – Christians, Muslims and Jews – are coming from the same origin.

German filmmakers Ingo Schmoll and Conny Schiffbauer visited Israel to follow the band’s path and to get a personal insight view into the musician’s life by visiting the band members at home, getting to know their families and learning about their daily life. „In the documentary we are trying to take the audience beyond the endless discussions about the conflicts in the middle east by taking a far more human approach to it all“ the filmmakers explain. Continue reading »

Jun 072017

It’s been seven years since Israeli metal outfit Orphaned Land toured North America. The outfit have made their way to Florida for the yearly 70000 Tons of Metal cruise on three separate occasions, but those unlucky to grab tickets were stuck watching YouTube clips of their performances. After reading all of the emails and comments, yesterday, the outfit revealed plans to finally come back to the region towards the end of summer.

Orphaned Land‘s North American headlining tour kicks off with a performance at ProgPower USA inside the Center Stage in Atlanta with Between the Buried and Me, Metal Church, and Twilight Force. For their headlining tour, Orphaned Land won’t be the only anticipated performance. Continue reading »

Aug 092014

Orphaned Land band 2013Orphaned Land, one of Israel’s most successful musical exports and “Global Metal Band of the Year 2014” Metal Hammer Award Winner, are now set to premiere their new video for ‘Let The Truce Be Known’ the song is taken from their latest album ”All Is One” was released in North America on June 25 2013  [one day earlier internationally] via Century Media Records. The video can be seen below.

Singer Kobi Farhi has shared these thoughts:

“The tragedies we see in the Middle East are down to the fact that no negotiations, nor peace conventions, will ever help us achieve peace as long as hate, revenge, and self- victimisation are used as excuses for war.

The majority of the Middle East’s population suffers from a terrible education system; it’s actually a worldwide phenomenon. Our first childhood toys are always toy guns. These childhood moments are the most important, when our personality is shaped, and we are subconsciously preparing ourselves for the use of weapons, for wars, for enemies. Add politics and media systems to the equation and you’ll get a chaotic loop that never ends. Is it in our nature to fight? Yeah it is, but we can educate ourselves to hold different values. Continue reading »

Orphaned Land – “All is One”

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Aug 232013

orphanedallisoneMusic is capable of being the bridge between cultures, the direct experience of music transcends language and thus holds the potential to bring diverse groups together, at least momentarily.

Every now and then I have to pull away from the music world, sometimes it all just becomes so boring and generic, and thus there would be long absences from music for myself, as I loose faith in music as a whole, though admitting; its not often. Then comes a band that bridges cultural divides and revitalizes a love for music in my heart all over again. Orphaned Land is one of those bands that have done just that with their latest offering entitled, “All is One”. That mixes metal with Jewdism and Arabic/Muslim musical influences. “All Is One” is a revitalizing take on musical expression. Not only are their musical arrangements covered in uniqueness , but are also infectious and emotional compositions, yet not so ‘different’ that it would alienate itself from the more generic metal purveyor. I see they like to call their sound, ‘Oriental Metal’. Which is fitting considering the middle eastern musical influence.

From the start the middle eastern influences come through strong, and its this unique blend of influence infused with metal that immediately found myself drawn to its catchy melodies. This album should be filed under ‘Epic’ , as it swoops down and takes you along on an adventure of strong melodies and infectious grooves. A great album takes you on an adventure, and draws you into its story. A good album gets your foot tapping or head bopping, or if you like me moshing round the coffee table without thought and it engages with the listener. Orphaned Land more than succeeds with this. Continue reading »

Jul 162013

Orphaned Land band 2013“All Is One”, the Shahar Hamo-directed video for the title track from the sixth full-length album from Israeli progressive folk metal masters Orphaned Land, can be seen below.

“All Is One” was released in North America on June 25 [one day earlier internationally] via Century Media Records. The cover artwork for the follow-up to 2010’s “The Never Ending Way Of ORwarriOR” was created by the French artist Metastazis [Paradise Lost, As I Lay Dying, Sonne Adam, Watain] by perfectly incorporating the three biggest religious symbols into one piece of art.

“All Is One” was made available as a limited deluxe book edition, including three bonus songs and a bonus DVD, as well as limited double gatefold LP, including the three bonus songs and in different vinyl colors. A standard jewelcase CD format and digital download is also available. Continue reading »