Mar 032015

AAMS_WFATAliens Ate My Setlist (AAMS) is a post-hardcoreband from Germany. Founded in 2012 and in the same year they released their first ep “Illusions”. They shared the stage with big names like: The Devil Wears Prada, We Came As Romans and Memphis May Fire to name a few. My first encounter with AAMS was at Brainstorm fest here in the Netherlands, I never heard of them before but during their show my smile became bigger and bigger. Five young men with an enthusiasm which was very contagious. I have been a fan of the band since then. I was even among the first ten buyers who got this new album so I have a signed copy. So you will understand by now that I am a bit prejudiced, but I will try to review this album objectively.

Something else what is important to know about AAMS is, that a short while after this album came out, vocalist Nick Mingrone and guitarplayer David Matthäus decided to quit the band to persue their own careers and studies. The remaining members decided to continue AAMS and Nick and David were replaced by Markus Leinberger (vocals) and Christoph Dieterle (guitar). Continue reading »

Nov 092014

AAMSThe first bands for the second edition of Rock for Eternity 2015 are announced: thrash-core band Spyker (NL) and post-hardcore band Aliens Ate My Setlist [DE) + 4 more bands to be announced. The festival will be held on April 18. 2015 at de kelder in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.

Founded only three years ago, in May 2011, Stuttgart-based post hardcore quintet Aliens Ate My Setlist (picture) have proven to be taken serious – even though their bandname – as terrific, hilarious and catchy it is at the same time – might not suggest so. With a stage presence bar none, highly remarkable electro parts, crushing breaks and simply godlike vocal lines, AAMS have set the bar pretty high for any young band in the genre. Continue reading »