Jun 162016

Ialberto_rigoni_2016_69btalian bassist Alberto Rigoni (solo artist, Vivaldi Metal Project, The Italians, BADASS), two months after the release of his fifth solo album “BASSorama” , has just released the video of the album title song, also featuring bassist Anna Sentina as special guest.

Anna Sentina is an American musician, multi-instrumentalist, best known for her work as a session bass guitarist, live performer and YouTube celebrity. She has performed around the U.S. at venues such as the world famous Whisky A Go Go, the Viper Room, the Mint, SOMA San Diego, the Hard Rock Cafe and the House of Blues. In 2012, Sentina started a YouTube music channel.

‘BASSorama’ is one of the songs of Alberto’s latest album “BASSorama” which is released on April 15th 2016 by Pride and Joy Music (Edel Music / Come Back Media distribution). Full album special guests cast includes: Doug Wimbish, Divinity ROXX, Stu Hamm, Nik West, Steve Lawson, Anna Sentina, Lars Lehmann and Remco Hendrix. The video can be watched below. Continue reading »

May 302016

vivaldi logoVivaldi Metal Project – “The Four Seasons” will be released on July 22nd, through Pride & Joy Music (world-wide, excluding Japan). The official trailer is available below. The pre-sale for the CD digi-pack will start during this week. The download on iTunes and the first instant grat for the track ‘The Age Of Dreams’ is already available here. A double vinyl release of “The Four Seasons” will be scheduled for a release in September.

The Vivaldi Metal Project is a music creation born from an idea conceived and developed by Italian keyboard player, composer and producer Mistheria (solo artist, Bruce Dickinson, Rob Rock, Roy Z, Artlantica).

The project is a symphonic-metal opera based on Antonio Vivaldi’s Baroque masterwork “The Four Seasons”, featuring more than 130 amazing metal and classical artists, orchestra, a string quartet and three choirs from all over the world. The album features 14 tracks – all the movements from Antonio Vivaldi’s original score plus two original new songs written by Mistheria. The impressive roster of artists probably makes this titanic album the biggest all-star project ever! Continue reading »

May 252016

The ItaliansThe Anglo-Italian band The Italians will release their debut EP “Live At Teatro Delle Voci” on June 15th. Together with the official release of the EP, the band has also launched its first video “Live in the studio”, live witnessing of the making of the EP, check it out below.

The Italian, rock band made in Treviso, are the perfect “Britalian” mix, merger of British rock and Italian passion, elements that stand out in all their vitality in the new EP “Live at Teatro delle Voci” recently recorded by the group and outgoing on June 15, 2016. Four songs written by London singer-songwriter William Knight and arranged with Italian bassist Alberto Rigoni (solo artist, Vivaldi Metal Project, Kim Bingham) and young drummer Alessandro Miazzi. The result is a rough, rock sound, exquisitely natural, made of vibrations which express at best the atmosphere of the lyrics, often critical towards social stereotypes. The music becomes a series of messages, pure expression of feelings, emotions, criticism of the human component that creates the social context.  Continue reading »

May 212016

alberto_rigoni_2016_69bItalian bassist and composer Alberto Rigoni (solo artist, Vivaldi Metal Project, TwinSpirits, Kim Bingham), after the release of his fifth solo album “BASSorama” is now working on a new metal band project and is looking for a singer.

“I’m looking for a rock/metal singer based in Italy or in Europe (e.g. Germany, Sweden, Austria) for a new metal band project. High level required (technique, English pronunciation, lyrics writing etc.) and availability for live shows. If interested please send an email to auditions@albertorigoni.net. Thanks and Stay Metal!” – Alberto Rigoni Continue reading »

May 152016

vivaldi logoVivaldi Metal Project are happy to show you the official track-list of the album, check it out below. The album will be released this summer through Pride & Joy Music.

The Vivaldi Metal Project is an all-star metal project conceived and created by keyboardist, arranger, composer and producer maestro Mistheria (Bruce Dickinson, Rob Rock, Roy Z, etc.) together with bassist, composer and co-producer Alberto Rigoni.

The aim of the project is to arrange and perform a metal version of Antonio Vivaldi‘s legendary Baroque masterwork “The Four Seasons”. Continue reading »