May 032020

Italian bass master and composer Alberto Rigoni (solo, BAD AS, Bassists Alliance Project, Vivaldi Metal Project, The Italians, Kim Bingham) has a huge pleasure to announce the signing with the Japanese label Marquelle Arquee/Belle Antique for the release of his new prog album “Odd Times”, feat. Marco Minnemann and Alexandra Zerner, coming out on June 28th.

Alberto stated:
“One of my dreams came true! I’ve just signed a license agreement with the prestigious JAPAN label MARQUEE/BELLE ANTIQUE for the release of my new prog album “Odd Times” feat. Marco Minnemann and Alexandra Zerner. I still can’t believe…. I’m really really honored and excited! The album will be released in Japan on June 28th 2020! Arigatou gozaimasu!!!!!!!!!!”

Stay tuned for more information.

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Jan 152020

talian bass master and composer Alberto Rigoni (solo, BAD AS, Bassists Alliance Project, Vivaldi Metal Project, The Italians, Kim Bingham) has just announced a new solo album, “Odd Times”, featuring drummer Marco Minnemann and a guitarist who will be announced soon. Furthermore, Rigoni has launched the fundraising campaign for the album, get more information here.

Rigoni, about the new solo album:

“Dear friends,
first of all, I wish you and your families a great 2020 (a bit in late!)!
After a mystic music crisis…. at the end I’ve decided to start composing a new progressive solo album (the 9th). It will be called “Odd Times” and that says all.. also because it will feature the legendary monster drummer Marco Minnemann (The Aristocrats) again. It will be a trio so there will be also a guitarist that I will announce soon. Thanks a lot to who will support my music! Love and prog on!
Sincerely yours,

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Apr 262019

After the release of seven solo albums between 2008 and 2018, Italian bassist and composer Alberto Rigoni (soloist, Bad As band, co-producer of Vivaldi Metal Project, founder of Bassists Alliance Project, ex Twinspirits) is now going to release “Prog Injection”, an instrumental heavy progressive album which features worldwide known drummer Thomas Lang (Peter Gabriel, Paul Gilbert, Glenn Hughes etc.) and Alessandro Bertoni on keyboards (Ric Fierabracci, Craig Blundell, Brett Garsed etc.)

Alberto: “Again … I tried to bring my composition and bass to another level and, together with Thomas’ drumming and Alessandro’s keys, I think (and hope) we created a unique sound that I would call heavy prog!”

Thomas Lang: “This album is a gritty, riff-heavy and progressive instrumental album that draws inspiration both from classic 70’s Prog and 21st century Rock and Metal music. Continue reading »

Feb 232018

After the release of “Duality” album in September 2017, Italian prog rock bassist & composer Alberto Rigoni (solo, co-producer of Vivaldi Metal Project, Kim Bingham etc.) announces that he is now working on a new prog rock ambient solo album which will feature worldwide known natural born drummer Marco Minnemann (The Aristocrats, Paul Gilbert, etc.).

“The composition and production of this new album will be quite challenging. The album will consist in a 33 mins track divided in 6 chapters and it will be just basses and drums. I always dreamed to compose something like this and together with Marco Minnemann we creating something quite interesting (at least we hope!)!! ” – Alberto Rigoni Continue reading »

Dec 142017

Bassists Alliance Project announces the release of “Crush” this Friday, December 15. The album is a genre-busting debut record that showcases the versatility of the bass guitar and the professionals who have honed their craft for years. From prog metal to funk and experimental, the 10 original instrumentals on “Crush” give listeners with varied musical tastes plenty to digest, from rock-steady riffs and intriguing grooves to mind-bending solos and intense showcases of technique.

Founded by fellow Italian bassist and progressive rock composer Alberto Rigoni (solo, Vivaldi Metal Project, Ardityon, The Italians, etc.), the Bassist Alliance Project is co-leaded and co-produced by seven-string bassist Jeff Hughell, best known as the bassist of Six Feet Under, which recently released their critically acclaimed 12th studio album. A veteran player and solo artist with more than 20 years’ experience, Hughell embarked on a brand-new project that incorporates many influences. Continue reading »