Oct 302020

The fact that Hamburg is not only the “most beautiful city in the world” but also the capital of Powermetal has been well known since the late eighties of the last millennium. It should also be familiar to any friend of melodic, heavy sounds that Iron Savior, the band around Mastermind Piet Sielck, belongs to the the Hanseatic Metal Circus like the Reeperbahn to the Kiez. Founded as a solo project in 1996, Multitalent Sielck, who has established his reputation not only as a guitarist but also as a producer, over the years the quartet has gained more and more full character of a band.

Continuously and relentless they released ten studio albums, one live CD / DVD, and chart entries among others with “Titancraft” (2016) and “Kill Or Get Killed“ (2019) and more than 7.5000,000 times streamed anthem ‘Heavy Metal Never Dies’ is indicative for that the Hamburg based band is on the right track with their classic, infectious Heavy Metal sound.

Due to external circumstances a lot of time ticked away since the release of „Kill Or Get Killed“. Piet was busy working on new songs for two full years, although he started the songwriting for “Skycrest” immediately after the last album. He explains: “Over the two years I sometimes lost my connection to the songs, I composed and approved them and then… I did something else first. Therefore, in the hot phase of production, when I worked intensively on it again, I was sometimes completely surprised at how good the material actually is. After almost every lead vocal that was finished, I had a new top favorite. That never happened to me before.”

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Oct 022020

Modern melodic shooting stars Metalite are working on new material for their highly anticipated third album, which will be released in 2021.

But before, the band has a another special treat for its fans: The new single ‘We Bring You The Stars’ is available on all digital platforms now. It’s a previously unreleased song which was recorded during the “Biomechanicals“ sessions.

Metalite guitarist Edwin Premberg comments:
”To give our fans a little surprise in these hard times we release this previously recorded and unreleased song ”We Bring You The Stars”. A very melodic, epic, uptempo and pop-influenced in-your-face song that really shows our fans what Metalite is all about. Memorable melodies that really get glued to your mind, the upfront vocals, battling double kicks and soaring guitars. This is a adrenaline injection in a positive way that everybody needs in these dark times. To prepare you all for our upcoming new releases this year and our third album next year, we bring you the stars.”

Check it out below.

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Aug 212020

Progressive power metal collective from Denmark Pyramaze have inked a new deal with AFM Records in order to put out their next full length instalment, dubbed “Epitaph.” It will be released on November 13th, 2020. Additional details – cover art & tracklist and the lyric video for their first single ‘A Stroke of Magic’ – can be found below.

Pyramaze continues to fuse their signature meld of memorable melodies, powerful riffs and soaring catchy vocals to keep listeners coming back for more — pleasing both old and new Pyramaze fans alike. This upcoming release will prove to be their most melodic and accessible creation to date, featuring guest appearances by Brittney Slayes of Unleash the Archers, and former Pyramaze singers Matt Barlow and Lance King.

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May 082020

Firewind, the band featuring former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Gus G., has released a seven-minute EPK (Electronic Press Kit) for its ninth, self-titled studio album, which will be made available on May 15 via AFM Records.

Firewind recently parted ways with guitarist/keyboardist Bob Katsionis and singer Henning Basse. The group’s new vocalist is Herbie Langhans, who has previously played with Avantasia and Sinbreed.

With his charismatic voice, Langhans  (AvantasiaRadiantSeventh Avenue, Sinbreed) refines each and every last one of the new songs and infuses them with an expressive force that is remarkable.

Gus and Langhans got to know each other back in the autumn of 2019, when the Firewind leader was looking for a suitable replacement for Henning Basse after the tour with Queensrÿche. Just a few weeks later, the recordings for “Firewind” were a done deal, ready for Swedish sound engineer Tobias Lindell (Europe, AvatarH.E.A.T.)  to mix them in Lindell Audio Studios.

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Apr 302020

Firewind, the band featuring former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Gus G., has released the official music video for the song “Welcome To The Empire”. The track is taken from the band’s ninth, self-titled studio album, which will be made available on May 15. The clip was directed by Panagiotis Kountouras, while the visual effects and post-production was handled by Media Distribution Partners.

Gus G. states: “‘Welcome To The Empire’ is the opening track of the album and an obvious choice for a single. Making the video was an ongoing work in progress as we filmed the band performance back in January. However, we wanted to blend in futuristic visual effects for the story and as I’m a huge sci-fi movie fan, I wanted to incorporate something along those lines. Our director Panagiotis Kountouras came up with the concept and we collaborated with MDP, a VFX company out of Hollywood, California. The story is set in a dystopia, where humanity has been surrendered to the New World Order. Two cyborgs are playing with the future of mankind in a chess game. Each move has consequences and technology will be the only winner. It was a really challenging production, but we love the end result. We hope you will too.”

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