Feb 112019

Adorned In Ash frontwoman Robyn Ferguson checked in with the following:

Here it is, my solo EP album art and title!

“Alizarin” is something I’ve been working on for Some time now and I’ve decided to finally put it all down and share it with the world.

I know this 4 track EP may surprise a few of you, but know that this is my heart, my everything, all laid bare for the wold to hear. Literally everything on this has been composed and recorded myself and it’s currently an instrumental work covering numerous genres. Continue reading »

Dec 292018

Adorned In Ash frontwoman Robyn Ferguson is currently writing new music. Ferguson checked in with the following:

“So all this talk of me writing some music and I’ve never even let you hear a bit of it! Well, here’s something I’m working on… Still need to lay down some bass and tighten up a few parts but enjoying the process so far … Something a bit more melodic”.

She adds “New music coming your way soon…”

Check out the two videos below. Continue reading »

Jul 062018

Here’s a quick play through video of the Adorned in Ash track ‘Broken Glass Reflection’ by Robyn Ferguson. The track is taken from their album “The Dead Walk Among Us” – The video can be seen below.

Adorned in Ash (AiA) is a female fronted Extreme Metal band from Pretoria, South Africa. We pride ourselves on delivering a unique musical experience along with a powerful stage show. Influences include thrash, speed and groove metal as well as progressive and technical death & black metal. Winners of the South African Metal Music Award (SAMMA) for Best Death Metal in 2015, AiA combine elements of various musical styles whilst never compromising on the relenting Death Metal style. Adorned in Ash is also a Jackson Guitars Official Artist and uses Jackson guitars and basses exclusively on stage and in studio. Continue reading »

Jul 032018

Elixer Strings South Africa recently announced new string endorsee and partnership with Adorned In Ash frontwoman Robyn Ferguson.

A great partnership has been forged between Robyn and Elixir Strings. We are very proud to announce that she is now an official endorsee and brand ambassador for Elixir Strings.

Robyn has been using Elixir Strings for over a decade and will continue to further the brand though her upcoming performances and projects both locally and internationally and you can look forward to a great adventure with her.

Ferguson comments: “I’m so excited to announce this! Elixir has been my string of choice for years and it’s so wonderful to be a part of the family.”

This follows a recent Ibanez Guitar endorsement as well and seems dreams can become a reality if you truly put your mind to it. Continue reading »

May 312017

It was announced last month that Marinus Terblanche had decided to leave Adorned In Ash and move on for personal and career options.

Adorned in Ash are proud and honored to announce their new bassist. His previous projects have been of great inspiration to AiA and we are incredibly excited to have him as part of the family. We welcome Colin Deacon (former Golgotha vocalist/bassist) into the fold and wish him many more fruitful and blessed years on and off stage.

A bit about Deacs:

“Deacs’ passion for music has taken him on a journey of thrills and spills from the growling death metal days as vocalist/bassist in “Golgotha”, to the crazy antics of the front man for rock outfit “The Carpet Crawlers”. His passion for performance and love of music has had him connect with many an audience and he is often remembered for hanging from ceilings, screaming through a microphone, climbing on top of high speaker towers and stage trucks, smashing guitars, trashing stages. A musical journey filled with highs and lows, from sleeping on floors and couches, playing to sold out crowds and to empty houses, packing gear to the roof of every car he has ever owned. All in the name and love of Rock n’ Roll.” Continue reading »