Apr 172020

Adorned In Ash frontwoman Robyn Ferguson checked in with the following:

“Alizarin” turns 1 today! I can’t believe how the time has flown! With this celebration I’m excited to announce my second solo album titled “Falling Forward”.

“Falling Forward” follows my mental, emotional and spiritual journey from the past year. For those of you who have been alongside me on this road know that there have been many challenges faced and some that are still being faced. I am happy to say that despite all these battles and still having some nerve damage and paralysis in parts of my body (like 3 of the 5 fingers on my left hand), the creation of this album has been so liberating and exciting. This past year has completely kicked me into a different frame of mind and I’ve found myself looking at the world through a different lens. This year has pushed and pulled me like no other and I hope that this record will bring hope to those who are facing their own battles and inner demons.

Once again this album is a complete solo undertaking and am so grateful to Clinton Watts for his time, his skills and the efforts he put behind the mix and mastering of these songs. He has interpreted my throughts and emotions so perfectly. I am eternally grateful.

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Adorned in Ash – “Apocalyptic Violence”

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Dec 262019

Five long years after the release of The Dead Walk Among Us, Adorned in Ash are back with their sophomore album, bringing a more refined, mature sound and vision for their hybrid metal, which in addition to the death/thrash/groove/black influences, now also incorporates some progressive elements into nearly an hour of crushing heaviness.

Although only releasing two full length albums, Adorned in Ash was founded in 2009 and have toured extensively within Africa.  Over the years, as one might imagine, the band has seen some lineup changes that have impacted their sound, with likely one of the more obvious ones was guitarist Robyn Ferguson adding vocal duties and taking them over from Marius Visagie in 2011.  Robyn’s blend of higher pitched near shriek-like black metal vocals and deeper growls and ability to switch back and forth within a song add a unique element to the band’s overall sound.  Within their home of South Africa, the band has been consistently nominated in the South African Metal Music Awards, and winning best Death Metal Band in 2015.  Since the release of the critically acclaimed The Dead Walk Among Us, the band has done extensive touring throughout the region and members endured a number of personal challenges.   Some of the lesser known details around the recording of Apocalyptic Violence play a part in the overall sonic differences between this and their first album, one of which were the drums being recorded on an acoustic kit at the Drum Room by Vinnie Henrico who was Mark Ivey’s drum lecturer in college.  Guitars were recorded by Robyn Ferguson at Tower Studios and the vocals, mixing, and mastering done by Clinton Watts at Watts Productions, a name very familiar to those in the South Africa metal community.

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Jul 202019

‘The Oceanborn’ is the first video from Robyn Ferguson‘s debut solo ep “Alizarin”  which is released on April 15th. About the video Ferguson writes on her facebook page:

To celebrate my recovery process and the journey it’s taken to get to this point, I’ve decided to release a music video for The Oceanborn! I fell ill around the time I filmed this and haven’t been able to complete it the way I originally envisioned but I’ve decided not to hold it back anymore ..
Huge thanks to each of you for supporting me through this time of healing and recovery. I hope to be back in full swing in the coming months.

The video can be watched below.

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Robyn Ferguson – “Alizarin” (ep)

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Apr 282019

Guitarist vocalist Robyn Ferguson from the extreme metal band Adorned in Ash makes her solo debut, releasing an instrumental ep highlighted by strong songwriting, heavy riffs, and emotion-filled guitar solos.

Those who appreciate extreme metal should by now know the name Robyn Ferguson as one of the guitarists and vocalist for the South African metal band Adorned in Ash who blend elements of thrash, black, and death metal into their sound.  A band whose debut album, The Dead Walk Among Us was well received and a band who has an eagerly awaited follow up release due out soon.  In the meantime, Robyn has definitely kept herself busy and frequently posts guitar practice, riffs, and play-throughs on social media, creating a solid presence.  Always one to keep busy, and living up to the quote on her website, “Work hard, play hard. Get up and make it happen…”,  Robyn has been endorsed by Ibanez and Elixir strings and has composed, performed, and recorded Alizarin. Continue reading »

Apr 192019

The debut solo ep “Alizarin” from Adorned In Ash frontwoman Robyn Ferguson is released on April 15th. “Alizarin” is available globally on all major digital platforms so please go give it a listen!

“Alizarin” is something I’ve been working on for Some time now and I’ve decided to finally put it all down and share it with the world.

I know this 4 track EP may surprise a few of you, but know that this is my heart, my everything, all laid bare for the wold to hear. Literally everything on this has been composed and recorded myself and it’s currently an instrumental work covering numerous genres. Where will it go? Well, I’ll leave that open to your imagination. Trust me, this is just the beginning! Continue reading »