Nov 242020

Adorned Graves is back with Being Towards a River, which sees the band continuing in their journey started with Out From the Depth of the Grave where they expertly crafted songs with elements of thrash, doom, and goth.

Adorned Graves first caught my attention in 2015 with the release of their ep The Hand of Death, and the title track that expertly blended elements of thrash and doom, sounding like a mix of Slayer and Black Sabbath.  In 2017 the band released their first full length, Out From the Depth of the Grave, which instantly surprised me as the band crafted songs far more complex than on the debut ep, which leaned heavily toward the thrash end of things.  The Kaiserslautern, Germany based band advertise their sound as one of Old School Thrash with a touch of Doom Metal  and that would be a fair description.  Similar to their last album which took on the story of Jonah, this one has a deeper overall concept to it as well.  In this case the band had planned an outright speed and thrash ep, but during the writing process, things took a different turn and the band looked toward the river as a symbol of life and time with the idea of taking the listener on a journey from a river’s beginnings to its end in a allegory of life’s journey.

Perhaps taking some cues from Metallica who I hear in many of their songs, “Swallet Hole” opens with clean guitar reminiscent of that in the opening of “One”.  Keyboards add atmosphere to this solemn track with spoken lyrics.  Later in the track layered guitar solos elevate the track and set up the listener for the storm that is about to begin.  Similar to their previous albums, production is clean and has a bit of an organic feel to it where all the instruments and vocals are clear and contribute to the overall sound and feel  of the tracks.

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Aug 232020

As previously reported, German Thrash Metal band Adorned Graves will release their second full length album “Being towards a River” in late summer 2020. The cover visualizes the lyrical contend: The journey of a man’s life as a river. The music is corresponding with that theme. You will hear a lot of variety as you can see at the tracklist below – The band recently reported the following:

“Being Towards A River” is finished! We listened to the complete album for the first time and enjoyed the special evening. Now the music is on the way to the factory where it is going to be pressed. The CD will be available soon, we will let you know where and when you’ll get it..

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Jul 202020

The second full length album “Being towards a River” of german Thrash Metal band Adorned Graves will be released in late summer 2020. The cover visualizes the lyrical contend: The journey of a man’s life as a river. The music is corresponding with that theme. You will hear a lot of variety as you can see at the tracklist below:

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Jun 102020

German Metallers Adorned Graves are working on a new album that will be released later this year, The first single ‘Panta Rhei’ can be streamed below. The song features Dale Thompson (Bride, The World Will Burn, Hand of Fire). In a recent update the band said

First we planned an in your face Speed and Thrash EP in addition and as an contrast to the debut “Out From The Depth Of The Grave”. The Graves considered this addition to be more fluent than the complex debut. But during the creative writing process it developed into something more. It was the moment when the idea of the river as a symbol for life and time came to mind..

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Dec 092017

Video footage of Adorned Graves‘s rehearsal sessions from the past year can be viewed below.

Adorned Graves have released their debut full length album which carries the title “Out From The Depth Of The Grave” on Aug. 7th.

“Out From The Depth Of The Grave” is a concept album about water, life, death, new  life and resurrection. The album is based on the story of Jona in the old testament as you can read in their lyrics too. In the video’s below you can listen to some samples of the songs.

Black Sabbath meets Slayer, Tourniquet meets Trouble, Vengeance Rising meets Paramaecium.
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