Sep 162020

The story told by acclaimed Israeli progressive/symphonic metal band Scardust in last week’s music video for ‘Tantibus II’ is continued in their new music video for ‘Addicted,’ the second single from their upcoming concept album, “Strangers,” which is set to be released on October 30 via M-Theory Audio.

In ‘Tantibus II,’ we met a protagonist who decided to disconnect from reality into her own mind, and now in ‘Addicted,’ we find that there is someone who cares about her. This caring person tries to show her the meaning of addiction, and explain to her that she is running away instead of facing reality.

“This video shows us the passage between the worlds of reality and addiction,” says Scardust vocalist Noa Gruman. “The character in ‘Addicted’ can walk freely between those worlds, as she is neither stuck nor fighting to get out. The choir represents the way out, and the string quartet represents the way in.”

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