Mar 232020

Groove/Thrash metal band Absent From The Body have signed to Rottweiler Records. Listen to the title track from their debut album, which is downloadable for free from Rottweiler‘s bandcamp.

Absent from the Body is a band familiar with war. Each member of the band has a story shaped by the loss, pain, and heartache brought on by wars, both literal and metaphorical. A guitar player influenced by multiple tours of duty in the United States military. Another formed by the premature birth which led to the loss of sight in one eye and multiple heart surgeries. The drummer molded by a childhood brain tumor that had left him with a 15 percent chance of survival. A lead vocalist forged by time spent sunken into Satanism and absolute hatred for humanity. These men all have experience with battle. The result of their fighting and their faith is a sound as deeply rooted as the band members themselves.

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