Jul 252018

For more than 15 years Underøath has been sharpening its fierce eloquence when it comes to pounding out the Christian-slanted hard rock that has earned the band a glowing global rep. Blending post-hardcore and heavy metal with a decent dose of screamo, the Tampa outfit featuring Aaron Gillespie and Spencer Chamberlain has moved from blustery broadsides like “I’ve Got Ten Friends and a Crowbar That Says You Ain’t Gonna Do Jack” to refined explosions such as those that dot their first disc in eight years, “Erase Me.” The album hits hard. From ‘Bloodlust’ to ‘I Gave Up’ the band rails through a storm of sound. But that sound is no-longer associated with overt Christian perspectives. Chamberlain has told the press that they “couldn’t grow musically” under that banner, and once they let it go they “became healthy, happy….and were able to create again.” Underøath‘s ‘Three Thoughts’ interview finds them amplifying that notion, with the guys questioning recent actions in the name of Christianity. “When you believe in the rules and not the reason [behind them], then you got an issue,” says Gillespie. Watch them shoot from the hip about the act of speaking truth to power. – The video can be watched below.

Underøath will embark on the “Erase Me” tour this fall. It is the band’s first major market headline tour in support of its new album, “Erase Me” (Fearless Records), which recently debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard Top Album Sales chart. The tour finds Underøath returning to many markets they previously sold out on their incredibly successful “Rebirth” tour. Continue reading »

Apr 072012

New names for the annual Xnoizz Flevo Festival this summer, can be add to the list of already booked bands and artists,  Tooth & Nail alternative rockband The Almost and Aaron Gillespie [worship]. Aaron is best known for being the former drummer and clean vocalist for the metalcore band Underoath, he left the band in 2010.  Also he was the last original & founding band member. Besides his own solo project, Gillespie is the current lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the alternative rock band The Almost.

The Xnoizz Flevo Festival is organized each year by Youth for Christ in cooperation with the youth organization of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands (JOP) and the evangelical broadcasting company EO. At this moment, preparations for the next annual event, starting on the 16thof August are underway. The Xnoizz Flevo Festival is held for the 35th time in 2012.

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