Aug 182020

One of our reviewers Don The Necker (The Old-Timers) recently launched Everyone Has A Story Facebook page. The Necker checked in with the following:

New interview I did with Tobin of Christian celtic punk band Flatfoot 56 and celtic folk band 6’10.

The video interview can be seen below.

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Jan 142015

1. 6'10 album coverFans of Flatfoot 56 certainly should have seen this day coming after hearing their last album Toil.  First of all there was a song on that album called 6’10 and that song and a couple others had a more folksy-Americana feel and sound to them than the Celtic punk the band is best known.  As a testament to the quality of the songwriting in the band, that departure from their standard sound didn’t really seem out of place on the album.  So now, Tobin Bawinkel has gone off on his own for a solo project that essentially continues where those songs left off.

For those not so familiar with Flatfoot 56, if you see Tobin (and the other Bawinkel brothers for that matter) standing around at show or among normal people, the 6’10” part suddenly makes a lot of sense.  I’m not a terribly short person, but often seemed to find myself behind Tobin during crowed shows at Cornerstone Festival, which meant I got to see mostly the back of his bobbing head.  For 6’10, Bawinkel wanted a stripped down sound and to provide an atmosphere similar to one he remembered growing up where his family would be playing bluegrass and folk music in their living room.  The overall goal in telling the stories in the songs is “to be able to inspire and relate to people who want something more than the typical things that the world we live in tries to force us to live for. I want it to encourage those who have gone through tough times, to realize that there is always gold to be found in the mud that life sometimes bogs us down in. The trials and difficulties we face can either make us bitter or they can make us better.” Continue reading »

Dec 302014

1. 6'10 Bandfoto“The Humble Beginnings of a Roving Soul” is the debut album of 6’10, the acoustic side project of Tobin Bawinkel. The album is released in the U.S. on Dec. 9 and will be distributed by Burnside Distribution in Europe next month, Jan. 9.

6’10 is the folk/bluegrass incarnation of  Tobin Bawinkel, frontman for Celtic punk stalwarts Flatfoot 56.  In comparison to the hectic sounds of his other outfit, this is a more subtle approach through heartfelt and emotional journeys against the backdrop acoustic instrumentation.  Bawinkel is joined by bandmates Josh Robieson (Mandolin, Ukulele) Mike Pettus (Ukulele Bass), and Keith Perez.

“When I was growing up, I remember playing folk and bluegrass music with my family in our living room. I always loved the story telling aspect of this style and the joy of playing with close friends and family. I loved it when songs would have a quirky and playful tone and theme.  All of the pretentious elements that can sometimes find their way into music, were absent during these sessions with my family and friends. You would find seasoned players, playing right next to children who were just learning. This culture is what I wanted again. The idea was to return to a simpler and more earthy feel.” Continue reading »

Jan 162014

6.106’10 is proud to announce the release of their new video ‘Cannonball’. 6’10 is the acoustic side project of Tobin Bawinkel of Flatfoot 56. The project includes a plethora of instrumentation and traditional influences. The video can be seen below.

Tobin Bawinkel of Celtic punk band Flatfoot 56, started 6’10 to go back to his musical roots in americana and folk music. Life can’t be all circle pits and spitting on sweaty crowds. Here is a side that is a little more lade back and thought provoking. He is joined by many talented musicians who bring much to the table as far as diversity and musical creativity. Continue reading »