Aug 092018

Grave Decay‘s debut album is scheduled to be released in October so they thought it’s time to reveal the album title which is “From Dust To Dust” as well as the cover art (below). Stay tuned for an upcoming official video soon.

What can you expect from Grave Decay, listen to the two previously posted teasers below to get an impression.

Grave Decay is a Symphonic Melodic Death Metal band from The Netherlands. They combine brutal guitarriffs with melodic elements and melodies.
Bandmembers have played in other bands like Morphia and The Memory Remains. It’s time to release our own music the band states.

Current line-up: Roger Koedoot – Guitars/Vocals, Maurice ‘Mauce’ Lefeu – Lead Guitars.

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Soundclip from a new song – GRAVE DECAY

Working on some brutal riffing and grunting. Check out this audioclip (filmed with a mobile phone). The song will be included on the upcoming album. More to come later…….. m/

Geplaatst door Grave Decay op Vrijdag 13 juli 2018

Audio teaser

Audio teaser with excerpts of premixes of four songs of the upcoming release.

Geplaatst door Grave Decay op Maandag 28 mei 2018



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