May 162020

Swedish Power Metal act Mad Hatter have released the video for ‘Ignite’, track that will be cherished by the people that met Mad Hatter from their self-titled debut album, fast rhythms and epic riffs that will make you draw a smile, very on brand for bands such as Helloween. ‘Ignite’ is the third single extracted from their new album “Pieces Of Reality”, which will be released through Art Gates Records worldwide on May 22nd. Don’t sleep on them, they’re the future of Heavy Metal.

In words of the band: “This new album has everything you want for a Power Metal-album! It’s fast, catchy, bombastic, melodic and heavy! We wanted to create an album that has all these elements but with our touch of mystery over it. Like if heavy metal was recorded in Wonderland. Fans of Halloween, Freedom Call, Avantasia, Stratovarius and Blind Guardian will enjoy this! The album will then feel more personal for us and I think fans will hear the passion when they listen to the album.” .

1. Fever Dreams
2. Master of the night (video)
3. Queen of Hearts (video)
4. Rutledge Asylum
5. The children from the stars
6. Pieces of reality
7. The valley
8. Ignite
9. Awake
10. Collector of souls
11. I’ll save the world

Preorder packs for “Pieces Of Reality” available on the AGR Online Store:





According to Art Gates the album contains “outstanding Power Metal combined with Heavy Metal influences. More focused than ever on the creative process, Mad Hatter have taken their time making their best album to date . “

Mad Hatter was founded by Petter Hjerpe and Alfred Fridhagen (Morning Dwell) in 2017. The band produces high quality Power Metal combined with Heavy Metal influences.

After recording the whole self-titled debut “Mad Hatter”, both Petter and Alfred needed live musicians to take their project to the stage so Eric Rauti and Magnus Skoog joined the band to form a complete tandem.

Now Mad Hatter Is ready to take the world with some energetic and powerful Metal!

Band members:
Petter Hjerpe – Vocals and Guitar
Dennis Eriksson – Lead Guitar
Magnus Skoog – Bass Guitar
Alfred Fridhagen – Drums

Follow them at: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / iTunes Spotify

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