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Welcome to February to all The Priests Of The Underground out there! Well, I guess most of you know by now that The Life Achievement Program was a great success and we made over our target of $7000! God owns the cattle on a thousand hills and He provides for us! The winner of my Bass Guitar with his sentence – One God One Man One Bass One Mission – is Kenneth Wilson from The USA. Congratulations Kenneth! The video featuring my group of 12 blokes choosing the winning sentence can be seen below.

Scribe Of The Penateuch is well on its way in mix. I heard the final mix of opening track Extradiefor yesterday and it sounds world-class! With Lincoln Bowen‘s return on Guitar and Mark McCormack‘s genius mixing and production, I think this release is going to be our best sounding yet. Mark has thankfully come out of Band Production retirement to do this for me. Thank You Mark! Extradiefor is Massive Brutal Death Metal! It also sounds very modern!! So fans of Arch Enemy, newer Carcass and even As I Lay Dying will love this song! The second song on the Disc is called In Garland Hall. It is more Brutal Viking-Style Extreme Metal and so fans of all Extreme Metal styles will love this one!

The Jaws Of Life is very reminiscent of 1991 Mort. Brutal Thrashing Death! The title track is a mix with some massive surprises and some Killer Blast-Beats! I think I am most excited about this song!! Weapons Of Mass Salvation is Death/Thrash with a tinge of modern black metal. I do quite a few Immortal style Vocals here and there with most songs, along with the deep Death Metal vocals. So if you have ever heard Immortal, you will know what I mean here. The White Death is Doomish but with plenty of Morbid Angel style speed mixed in. If you have heard Morbid Angel then once again you know what to expect. I hate Immortal and Morbid Angel‘s lyrics but no doubt they are at the top of their fields musically.

We have our first Mortification Gig with the new line-up on Sat. Feb. 18th at The Central Club in Richmond, Melbourne (293 Swan St.) in support of the mighty Pegazus! Doors are 8:30pm and we hit stage at 9pm for a 50 minute set. We will perform most of Scribe Of The Pentateuch, plus a bunch of Mort Classics including Brutal Warfare, Hammer Of God, The Destroyer Beholds, God Rulz and hopefully Scrolls Of The Megilloth. We have some rehearsal time restraints with Linc being so new back in the band and Andrew doing an entire subject at University this month. We will be performing Scrolls at our mid-year Album Launch but, if we can get it nailed in time, also at this Gig. It would be great to include Scrolls in the set if we can with this year being the Album’s 20th Anniversary! Obviously when we do the launch our set will be longer and we will be back in performing shape. The last Mort show was October 1st 2008, so you can imagine how eager I am to get back out there and perform Live!

Mortfication 2012: Lincoln, Steve, Andrew

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