Nov 232019

Seiertrone has released their debut album, “Lyskongens Gjenkomst”, via The Bearded Dragon Productions.

The project known as Seiertrone began in 2019 by an ambiguous entity known simply as Den Ukjente, who performs all the instrumentation as well as Vocals. After recording an album, Den Ukjente looked around for a label to release the album, settling on The Bearded Dragon Productions.

“We were very excited at the idea of signing this project. The project is just a powerhouse in the making. I am extremely happy that we are finally able to share this with the World.” says the label’s founder Mason Beard.

The album, titled “Lyskogens Gjenkomst”, is available as of November 22, 2019.


Lyskongens Gjenkomst 08:16
Mørkets Makter 07:27
Seiertrone 05:35
Evighetens Rike 08:32
Seirende Offerlam 05:11
Lys Mot Evigheten 06:07
Gjenfødelse 08:07

The Bearded Dragon @ Bandcamp

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