S91 – Volonta Legata

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Oct 282011

S91 is a progressive metal band from Tuscany, Italy. They started in 2006, and in 2009 they brought out their first EP ‘Sto Per Tonare’. Now, 2 years later, they have released their first full length: ‘Volontà Legata’.

The album starts with (surprisingly!) an instrumental song: ‘Golgota’. A strong start. When you listen to this song, you can imagine Golgota and the crucifixion. You can also hear the desperation and the anger, which points to playing full of emotion, and bringing the emotion to your listeners. Very well done.

The next three songs are also very strong. Powerful, strong lyrics, good solos. They are alternated guitar, keyboard and sometimes even bass guitar solos. It’s a good mixture of instruments, which made it nice to listen too. The lyrics (for as long as you can understand them, because there are a couple of songs in Italian) are really strong. I really liked the lyrics of the song ‘Memories’. The songs tells about memories from the past, which are awful. Full of hate, anger and fear. In the last part of the lyrics, things are changed. This person now has learned to forgive. It doesn’t mean the pain is gone, but there is no fear, no anger and no hate anymore. Beautiful.

Up following is the longest song of the album: The Seal of the Living God [17:58]. It starts good, but quite soon it slows down. A long instrumentally slow part, which I think it’s maybe a bit too long. It really slows down the album, because the final song is also slow. It’s a beautiful song, but because the formal song is slow, long and not very alternately, your attention may be gone already, and you cannot hear the beauty of the last song.

Then the technical part. For their first full length, it’s quite good. It’s not perfect, but you can do worse. You can hear that it’s a beginning band. De mixing of the album is not everywhere well done, sometimes you can almost not hear de singing anymore.

After all, a good first length. I am looking forward to what they are going to do more. I really think that people who like progressive like Neal Morse, Darkwater etc. will go to like this. Also I think fans of HB will appreciate this album.

(Written by Tiemco Cornet)

Rating: 7/10

01. Golgota [03:41]
02. Volontà Legata [06:03]
03. Memories [09:43]
04. Ribelle [09:07]
05. The Seal Of The Living God [17:58]
06. Spazio Inconcepibile [05:33]

Label: Self released,  2011

Cover Art: Francesco Londino|

Weblinks: Official Website / Facebook / Bandcamp

Jack – Bass
Frank – Keyboards
Maria – Vocals
Tania – Vocals
Sefora – Vocals
Franz – Guitars
Ezio – Drums








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