Feb 222020

Rock Band Dens will release “Taming Tongues” on March 6 via Facedown Records. Check out the new single ‘They’ below the track is also available on Spotify, Apple Music or anywhere you listen to music.

Dens have always found their mission in using music as a platform to creatively and honestly explore themes of faith, hope, redemption, and grace. In 2018 the band released their guitar-driven post-rock Facedown debut EP “No Small Tempest” and won the hearts of Facedown fans with their outstanding, singable choruses. Now the revelatory new album from Dens comes to grips with the current state of shattered communication and subjective truths. “Taming Tongues” explores how words can be life-giving or destructive, and emotions can be the salt of life or the fuel that gets thrown on a fire.

Dens’ ability to walk the line between heavy and ambient is fortified on “Taming Tongues,” with unforgettable vocal hooks and melodies that give the passionate message a solid place to land.

Track List:
Even (video)
Foolish (video)

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Dens’ latest effort, “No Small Tempest” EP has been released June 29 2018 via Facedown Records.

Our review of “No Small Tempest” can be found here.

Band members:
Shaun Hypes (vocals, guitar)
Brandon Osborne (drums)
Josh Tomlinson (bass)
Josh Waltman (guitar)

Weblinks: Facebook / Twitter / Spotify

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