Nov 222017

Symphonic Power Metal-band ReinXeed have checked in with the following update:

“It’s time to let you all know that Alfred Fridhagen is no longer part of the band. He’s been with us since 2012 but recently we decided to go separate ways and we wish him all the best of luck with his new bands. A new era of the Alliance is coming soon…”

Fridhagen is also involved in: Morning Dwell, Hellspray and Golden Resurrection.

ReinXeed is hailing from Boden, Sweden. They were formed in 2004 by vocalist Tommy Johansson. They are influenced by soundtrack movies such as Lord of the Rings and bands like Helloween with Michael Kiske, and Rhapsody of Fire.

In 2008, ReinXeed released their first studio album “The Light” on Rivel Records. This helped ReinXeed land an appearance in Japan where they gained fans. Their second album, “Higher,” has more mature keyboards effects. The band has 6 full studio albums out.

ReinXeed is led by Tommy Johansson, Johansson had a band under the same name, but its line-up and style were different than the band from The Light on where he mixed film soundtrack music with melodic power metal.

In a recent update (yesterday) ReinXeed states: “Before something new appares we embrace the old, like this video below of Tommy playing the song ‘Guitar Hero’ from the album “A New World” from 2013.”

The latest ReinXeed full-length album “A New World” has been released in Aug. 2013 through Doolittle Group. Our review can be found here.

Nowadays, Tommy is also a member of Swedish power metal band Sabaton. He replaced Thobbe Englund last year Aug.


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