Aug 252018

Platoon 1107 announces the release of Day of Anger, Part 3, the third of four EP releases chronicling the spiritual journey of one man. Part 3 focuses on the observance of man’s historical shortfall from the path of righteousness, and the razor-thin line between questioning faith and obedience to faith. Part 3 combines five breathtaking and moody songs into a single track spanning approximately five minutes of intensity and aggression.

Day of Anger, Part 3, is a free download with separate tracks featuring the entire EP, a version without spoken interludes, and an instrumentals only version. Song listing:

1. Calvin And Servetus
2. Giver/Taker
3. Chromosomal
4. The Anchorite
5. Dear Saint Thomas

The fourth part of the Day of Anger series is due for release later this year.

All music, lyrics, vocals, guitar, bass, recording, mixing, and production by Jimmy Sisco. Interludes are taken from various public domain sources. Otherwise, copyright © The Sisco Kid Music (SESAC), 2018. All rights reserved. Available for free download at:

Bandcamp / TheSiscoKid


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