May 102019

“The Quest” the new album of Canadian Symphonic / Celtic Metal artist Leah is available now, released on Oct. 5th in Europe and North America through Inner Wound RecordingsLEAH checked in with the following:

I thought you might want to hear a snippet of a demo I’m working on for another new album!! You might remember that I’m working on a Wintery-Xmas type of album already… I’ve always wanted to do a theme like that, and why not this year? If all goes well it will be due in November 2019!

I rarely ever post raw demos, but I thought you might like a taste of this one. I posted it on Instagram. Even if you don’t have an account you can still hear it. Just promise me you’ll plug in some earbuds or headphones when you listen, ok?? 🎧

Listen to the snippet below.

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May 092019

Before heading on their first tour of 2019, Broadside is holding over fans with two new tracks, ‘King Of Nothing’ and ‘Empty.’

‘King Of Nothing’ – “This is a song about wanting to be the best,” states Broadside vocalist Ollie Baxxter. “We chose this life as touring musicians but it can be painfully lonely. We all want to be heard and play to massive crowds while making enough money that our parents won’t worry about our futures. I’m so proud of our accomplishments as a band but some nights, after the show ends and those crowds leave the venue, when you’re in the back seat of a dark van, you feel like you’re not doing enough and those dreams you have become nightmares of what you’ll never achieve. You can be on top of the world and have nothing.” Continue reading »

May 082019

The Brazilian Thrash/Groove metal band band Legacy Of Kain have released a new song ‘Split in Half’ feat. Fernanda Lira from the band Nervosa. The song appears on Legacy of Kain’s upcoming album“Paralelo XI” which will be released on May 16th. ‘Split in Half’ can be streamed below.

About the song, the band states:

“We fight for days when we never have to live this kind of atrocity again. Split In Half is a music based on real events that tells an episode of the story of the Cinta Larga tribe where a group of miners invaded one of their camps with the intention of killing them all and one of these assassins because there is no other name for it , in an episode of fury, captured an Indian and his small son, hung it upside down and split her in 2 parts with a machete. Unfortunately this is not fiction. We continue to fight for better days, with less prejudice, less intolerance, less discord, whether religious or political, less divisions and more peace, more love and more respect.” Continue reading »

May 082019

Image Records is proud to present Zion ! Before Stryper, Whitecross and Holy Soldier there was a pioneer christian rock band…..Zion!

Originating in Sioux Falls South Dakota in 1981 and eventually becoming known nationally as well  as internationally when the band signed with the east coast label  Image Records in 1988. What most people don’t know is the fact  that after the song ‘Is It A Crime’ from the Thunder From The Mountain album was licensed to Myrrh Records (Word) to be used on their “Twelve New Faces” album from which the song ended up dominating radio airplay charts, Myrrh began courting Zion, Image Records and David Zaffiro to become Myrrh‘s first and only metal band and have David as producer. Image and Myrrh could not come to terms however and Myrrh went on to sign Holy Soldier and have David Zaffiro produce them instead. The rest is history. Continue reading »

May 082019

Skillet will release its new album, “Victorious”, on August 2 via Atlantic Records. The follow-up to 2016’s gold-certified “Unleashed” includes the first single, “Legendary”, which can be streamed below.

Frontman John Cooper told Billboard: “It’s the first time that me and Korey [CooperJohn‘s wife and Skillet guitarist/keyboardist] produced most of the record ourselves. When I was looking at what we did well on ‘Unleashed’, I thought it was a real energizing and fun record to listen to. That’s what a great Skillet record is — songs that make people want to put their fists up in the air at a concert or get them through a run or drive or whatever they are doing. So we set out to make a record that had a lot of emotion to it.

“We got to really dig in and try anything we wanted to try, and that comes through in some of the intricacies of the production,” he added. “It’s quite a musical record. I think it’s a little bit more musical than we’ve done in a long time.” Continue reading »