Apr 162019

Raven Faith Records is stoked to announce the release of “Division” a new EP by the Oklahoma City heavy metal hitters Outside The Shadows, which is released April 12th.

Outside The Shadows is a hard rock band out of the Oklahoma City area. The band is hardworking having released two albums with there third release coming in the spring of 2019, but has a great stage presence and live show. The band has played locally and regionally since its beginning and maintains great momentuem sharing the stage with many bands like 12 stones, Children 18:3, Blackstar Republic, Smile Empty Soul, Hanging Hayley, Seasons After, Screaming for Silence, Sons of Texas, Sleep Signals and more. Continue reading »

Apr 152019

As anyone who follows metal knows, Brazil has produced some great bands and has an active metal scene.  After an extended hiatus since 2012, Prelúdio X from Recife, Brazil have released Triunfo da Vida which is actually re-recorded tracks from a 2009 project Origem with their new lineup.

I do question by bands feel the need for intro tracks that are not full on band instrumentals, especially on an ep, but  Triunfo Da Vida opens up with Gênesis, a moody atmospheric keyboard piece that has some waves crashing or thunder in the background.  The full band portion of the ep starts with “Origem” and from the opening riff and keyboards establishes this as being within power metal.  From a production standpoint, everything is clear but the Portuguese vocals a bit muted.  Within power metal, guitars and vocals are really the components of the sound that stand out and in this case, the guitars are more prominent due to the quieter mix on the vocals.  Musically, “Origem” has a nice flow as one would expect in a power metal song and there are some brief guitar flourishes that add interesting elements,  but they do seem a bit abrupt and short. Continue reading »

Apr 152019

The second single from My Epic’supcoming “Violence” EP just dropped! Check out ‘Bloody Angles’ below. “Violence”is the second part of the double ep project and will be released on May 10 via Facedown Records. Pre-order your copy today.

The first single ‘White Noises’ ft. Cory Brandan (Norma Jean) is released earlier this month.

Aaron Stone on the new EP

This record named itself long before we knew why. Before a single riff or lyric was written, we started talking about Violence. We always try to write about whatever is in front of us. It’s the only way we know to be authentic. But this time it was staring us right in the eyes and standing too close for comfort. It was a hard couple years and we poured it all into the record. It’s a record about loss, confusion, anger, authenticity, addiction, and the hope that comes from staring right back. We’ve written a lot of records about the importance of celebrating and valuing the beautiful truths but it’s just as important to condemn the ugly ones. There is a time for rejoicing, for resting, for peace, and there is a time for violence. Continue reading »

Apr 142019

‘The Longing’, the new video from The Skull, the band featuring vocalist Eric Wagner and bassist Ron Holzner, formerly of metal legends Trouble, can be seen below. The song is taken from The Skull‘s sophomore album, “The Endless Road Turns Dark”, which has been released on September 7 via Tee Pee Records.

The LP was recorded in Chicago’s Decade Music Studios with engineer Sanford Parker (YOBTOMBS) and builds on the foundation laid by The Skull‘s debut album, “For Those Which Are Asleep”, a recording that landed at or near the top of a host of 2014 year-end best of lists.

The Skull, which also features longtime Cathdral drummer Brian Dixon, guitarist Lothar Keller (Sacred Dawn), and guitarist Rob Wrong (Witch Mountain), creates classic Sabbath-ian doom with a psych-tinged metal vision.  Continue reading »

Apr 142019

While releasing the More Love More Power fundraiser ep for the Skip Brooks family, Thumper Punk Records found a previously unreleased collection of tracks from All Hail the King, the worship band from Rise Above Ministries where Skip Brooks was pastor.  Much like More Love More Power, this collection of songs showcases the band’s ability to reinterpret classic songs through a rock lens in a way that doesn’t  seem contrived or take anything away from the original songs.

Pastor Skip Brooks passed away on November 25, 2018 following a battle with cancer, a loss felt by many within the Christian punk scene as it is.  I can still remember the first time I heard one of Skip’s bands, Our Corpse Destroyed, roaring through Black Flag’s “Rise Above”.  Being a Black Flag fan since high school in the late 80’s, the opening bars of the song instantly grabbed my attention.  As I followed the song and wandered into the sweaty, steamy tent at Cornerstone Festival, I was blown away with the whole scene, from the spot on performance, to the intensity that poured from the stage.  I was hooked and just to make sure I wasn’t hearing things, I dragged others to their other sets and they were similarly blown away.  To this day, my OCD albums are among my favorites as there’s no getting past that incredible punk rock guitar tone and lyrics that really hit home.  I only really got to meet Skip once and that was just before his Crush the Enemy project became public and I still remember that chat and the sincerity in what he was saying.  Skip was pastor at Rise Above Ministries in San Antonio and the songs on this fundraiser are a recording from All Hail the King, the worship team at Rise Above. Continue reading »