Apr 162021

Live concert filmed at the ‘Kiteesali’ in Kitee (Finland) on July 15th 2018 [part 1] and at the ‘Roman Amphiteatre’ on September 23rd 2018 [part 2]. Taken from the DVD “The Four Seasons – Live Concert Premieres 2018”. The limited edition boxed-set includes 1 DVD and 2 CDs. Order now here.

Featuring [part 1]:
VOCALS: Angel Wolf-Black, Dimitar Belchev, Tsena Stefanova; VIOLIN: Abigail Stahlschmidt; PIANO: Mistheria; GUITAR: Quentin Cornet; CONTRABASS: Joonas Tuuri.

Featuring [part 2]:
VOCALS: Angel Wolf-Black, Dimitar Belchev, Katerina Simeonova, Nicoletta Rosellini, Tsena Stefanova; VIOLIN: Abigail Stahlschmidt; KEYBOARDS: Mistheria; GUITARS: Leonardo Porcheddu, Michele “Dr. Viossy” Vioni; BASS: Dino Fiorenza; DRUMS: Mark Cross.

The video can be seen below.

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Apr 152021

Bremerton, Washington pop punks MxPx just released a brand new single, ‘Can’t Keep Waiting,’ Available for streaming below.

In addition, MxPx recently announced their new live stream event titled ‘Between This World and the Next,’ which has been set for April 16, 2021. The free virtual gig will be available for streaming through YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok — go to MxPx.com for more info.

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Apr 152021

Ian Arkley’s debut solo album “One” is released on June 29 via Opa Loka Records. – The video can be seen below.

Created in the Welsh countryside at Ian Arkley’s home studio Arfryn. Everything written, played, mixed and produced by Mr Arkley. Psychedelia, neofolk, ambience and improvisation all come into play here. 

Ian started his music in the eighties with the thrash band Seventh Angel. He went on to form the doom bands Ashen Mortality and My Silent Wake and has played with a range of bands and musicians over the years.

This album was created using many instruments including harmonium, didgeridoo, various acoustic percussion, mandolin, guitar, manipulated recordings, speach and vocals which were improvised.

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Apr 142021

Twice Grammy-nominated band August Burns Red has been sharing previously unreleased tracks, such as a cover of System of a Down‘s ‘Chop Suey!’ and its metalized rendition of the theme song for the HBO series ‘Westworld, over the past several months. Recently, the Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based act revealed that these songs (and more) will live on the “Guardians Sessions” EP.

The EP features B-sides, covers, and reimagined tracks, which were recorded during the sessions for 2020’s full-length album “Guardians” and beyond.

The EP is being released digitally and on 10-inch vinyl on April 16 through Fearless Records.

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