Apr 202018

Rockshots Records is thrilled to announce the signing of the heavy metal band Crossing Eternity! Crossing Eternity is a Romanian – Swedish metal/hard rock band founded in 2017 by experienced musicians who are truly passionate in the way they approach music. Starting with the recording of their first studio album, “The Rising World”, the band members aimed for an organic, old school sound, rejecting the temptation of an over-produced record. The adventure started in the summer of 2017, when Manu, band’s guitarist and composer, entered the studio with a new band in mind and a lots of good song ideas. On the way, the rest of the band joined the process of recording and producing, working until everything was well done, in January 2018.

Even if the name of the band is new, its members are professional musicians, with 25-30 years of experience on the battlefield. The band’s main purpose is to expand the boundaries and spread some magic! Continue reading »

Euphoreon – “Ends of the Earth”

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Apr 202018

After a seven year hiatus, the death metal project Euphoreon is back with Ends of the Earth, an album filled with melodic, near symphonic death metal in many ways as epic as their cover art.

Bands with little fanfare or press or even any sizable amount of information are usually either really good or absolutely horrible and unknown for a reason.  Euphoreon, is a two-person melodic death metal project that comes by way of New Zealand and Germany and is one of those pleasant surprises.  From what I gather, the project/band has been around since 2009 and did release their self-titled debut in 2011, which though reviews were somewhat limited, did garner some critical acclaim, which is easy to understand after listening to Ends of the Earth.  The band is in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the physical copies of the album, which would be worth picking up on the basis of Gyula Havancsak’s glorious artwork alone.

Perhaps fittingly, the music on the album works well with the artwork: beauty, intensity, power, with an underlying sense of melody characterize the songs, much like the artwork.  The opening choir and guitar riff of “Euphoria” initially made me think this was going to be a power metal album, but then the tone shifted a bit darker and the growled death metal vocals came in.  The layers of sound in the song are expertly displayed allowing the brighter keyboards to offset the dark vocals rhythm section with the guitars seemingly bridging the two spheres.  The guitars do tend to dominate the mix, perhaps a bit too much, and end up hiding the drums and bass a bit more than  I would prefer.   Interestingly, the duo chose Tommi Halme to add in the guitar solos and they made a great choice there as the solos are blistering but well incorporated into the songs and without knowing it was a guest, you’d think it was one of the regular band members. Continue reading »

Apr 192018

Stryper‘s music video for the song ‘The Valley’ can be seen below. The track is taken from the band’s new album, “God Damn Evil”, which will be released on April 20 via Frontiers Music Srl. Produced by frontman Michael Sweet, it is Stryper‘s most powerful album to date, doubling down on the hard rock/heavy metal sound that earned the group a worldwide fan base.

Asked by All That Shreds what made Stryper choose such a seemingly provocative title for its follow-up to 2015’s “Fallen”Sweet said: “We didn’t do it just to shake things up. We have a point to prove in a statement. A few years back we thought about using this title. We didn’t go with it because we felt it was a little too much at that time. Now in 2018, with everything that we’ve seen on the news, the evil we’re faced with on a daily basis to new levels and new degrees, it made perfect sense for us to have an album called ‘God Damn Evil’. It’s a prayer request. It is what it is. It’s not a swear, it’s not just the shock statement, it’s a prayer request, and we’re asking God to damn the evil that we see. It should be a prayer for everybody. Some people are freaking out thinking you’re taking the Lord’s name in vain, and it’s not that at all.” Continue reading »

Apr 192018

Recap of Myles Kennedy‘s show in Cologne, Germany (March 29) can be watched in the video below.

“Year Of The Tiger”  is released on March 9 via Napalm Records, the effort was helmed by Alter Bridge‘s longtime producer Michael “Elvis” Baskette.

The acclaimed singer/songwriter known for his work with Alter Bridge as well as Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy  & The Conspirators recently completed the highly anticipated record, which is available for pre-order in various bundle configurations at this location.

On “Year Of The Tiger”Kennedy embarks on his first venture as a solo artist by embracing musical elements and influences he hasn’t explored until this point in his career. His appreciation for the blues and acoustic based music can be heard throughout the 12-song concept record inspired by the loss of his father when he was a child. Continue reading »

Apr 192018

Expressing concerns over the album title, leading national retail chain Walmart has refused to carry chart-topping rock band Stryper‘s upcoming 10th studio album, “God Damn Evil” — available April 20, 2018 from Frontiers Music SRL. Several Christian retail chains have also objected to the title and declined to carry God Damn Evil in their stores.

“We’re disappointed,” says Stryper frontman Michael Sweet. Stryper has always been about making people think outside the box. Our new album title God Damn Evil is a statement that’s needed in our society. We’ve seen evil rise to new levels and this title is simply a prayer request asking God to damn or condemn all the evil around us. Many chains have joined us in making such a statement. Walmart unfortunately has not. The odd thing is of all the chains out there we assumed Walmart would be one to understand exactly what our point and purpose is. Unfortunately not. Although we respect their decision and what’s done is done, it’s frustrating to see something that’s meant for good get misinterpreted and misunderstood.” Continue reading »