Aug 102017

Heavy / Thrash metal band Ozmatoq has released a lyric video for ‘More Than A Hero’ single 2017, the video can be watched below.

Early June Ozmathoq’s been working with Dave Kruse of: Kruse FX/Covenant Metal Show, on a Lyric Video to release a New Single. On July 2 2017 the band was approached by Mason Beard of the Bearded Dragon Webzine, about being on the “Metal From The Dragon 2 Compilation.” This prompted our band to get a Single ready for release on Bandcamp on July 10 2017. The same week the band was approached by John Branson Host of Metal For The Master Show for being on the a-Cross America 2 Compilation. The New Single features Vincent Marsh on Vocals, Kevin Marsh on Bass, and Dan Marsh on Guitar. 

Ozmatoq formed in 1986 as the band Armored Lion, Changed name to Ozmathoq in 1988, and were opening acts with the bands Noisy Mama, and Killjoy. In 1990 they signed to he Label Corpqii, and released “Dance Of The Cobra” cassette in 1991.  In 1995 the band went in hiatus, and reemerged in 2013. In 2014 they released their CD-EP “More Than A Hero,” and can be heard in on many online radio stations.

Our review of “More Than A Hero” (ep) can be found here.

In Jan. 2015 we did an interview with Dan, Kevin and Vince, check it here.

Lyric video for ‘More Than A Hero’ (2017)

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