Aug 262013

Open The EyeCheck out Open the Eye‘s lyric video for ‘Kingdom Age’. This is the last installment before the actual music video is released. This is a project from Aaron Macemore he is also a guitarist for Bloodline Severed – a Christian deathcore band currently signed to Red Cord Records.

Open the Eye employs music and film to reveal the powers behind the “All Seeing Eye.” Using the abilities given to share my fears of corrupt forms of control. Ranging from rule of law, media, politics or religion.

What is Open the Eye? 

It’s a self expression of how I view the world in a musical and visual perspective. OtE is for those who are to the point of no return. It’s either a life of pure despair or Christ. The people like myself who see such hopelessness in the world, in themselves, in men that they either choose to end it or choose the only true hope any of us have. OtE will bring the darkness to the listener/viewer and then turn on the light.

My intent is for the experience to focus solely on the message within the music. Being a studio project only I look forward to sharing future bodies of work loosely being called ‘proPAGANda indoctriNATION” & “Fall from Sovereignty.”

My hope is to share the music for free, the truth only cost time. Time is far more valuable than the paper we call money. Just use your time to research and seek truth, it truly is freeing.

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Video below ‘Kingdom Age’

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