Nov 262019

Facedown Records has announced the signing of a new band called Northlander.

From the band members of Fallstar comes a new band that has been four years in the making. Their new album, “Forces of Light”, is produced through Rat Family Records, most notably known recently for their production of Michael Sweet‘s solo albums and Fallstar‘s last record.

Facedown Records welcomed the band, saying, “We are very excited to announce Northlander – new to the Family! Order their debut Forces of Light now and get it before the December 6 release date!”

Northlander also shared their excitement on social media: “We just signed to the legendary and indomitable Facedown Records!!!! So stoked for the future of this record and thanks for all you who have supported us from the beginning! Here’s some links for exclusive merch bundles and where to play our record. If you wanna support our band and the future of this music now is the time to grab a shirt and a CD. Much Love.”


Heavy Fruit 3:15
Wild & Sweet 4:09
Oculus 3:36
Cliffs 4:25
I Come Alive 4:19
Rolling Thunder 3:33
Praying Drunk 4:01
Onyx Dust 3:12
Air 2:56
Cult Leader 3:37
Saint Sorrow 3:29
Solaris 3:37
Little Bell 3:30
The Sun Came Dancing on the Rain 4:34

Preorder Bundles Available Here

Video (audio) for ‘Heavy Fruit’

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