Nov 082019

Indie Vision Music and Thumper Punk Records are proud to present the 3rd Ep set of songs from Florida transplant by way of New Jersey, pop-punk-rock-ska hybrid act – No Lost Cause (NLC). This new Ep is titled “P.S.” and is a loving reminder of God’s love for us all and the hope that flows from that instant connection one has with the Lord. This hybrid style of music will please fans new and old to those great sounds of bands like Goldfinger, Blink-182, Pennywise, Slick Shoes, Fireflight, RED, and even 311. When we say DIFFERENT, we mean it!

Grab this fantastic Ep from IVM and Thumper Punk on December 6th. Ep will be available on both CD and Digital from both places (see links below).

“The P.S. ep is probably the most eclectic release I’ve put together up til now. I have a wide variety of music I really enjoy and I think a lot of that came out on this ep more than it has before. There’s punk, ska, rock, hard rock… The songs were all written as I was going through certain things and I just kind of wrote what I felt like God had to say about them.” Rob Jensen / No Lost Cause

Video (audio) for ‘The Company We Keep’

Lyrics: ‘The Company We Keep

You’ve gotta watch who you’re letting into
The space around you to call your friends who hang out with you
Some will mislead you, straight up deceive you
To do what they do, they think it’s cool, what will you do?

Cuz I’ve seen it time after time, it’s up to you, whatever you decide
There’s nowhere for you to run and hide, where will you side?

Bad company corrupts integrity
Watch who you’re killing time with, are they what they seem?
And it’s something sad to see
To watch some walk away from what they once had said that they believed

Thank God for friends who won’t up and leave you
For those who listen, those who love you and pray for you
When you need the truth, they’ll give it to you
They won’t be scared to let you know something you need to

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